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Unanswered Questions:

Who is "The Other"?

What is the range of a portal? Can anything 'pass through' a portal? Bang wasn't fast enough to get a shot off (Issue 7, Page 12) and the Dragon King of Mars (Issue 5, Page 16) was a children's story, so it can't be relied on. We know the portals are not bound by time (Issue 7, Page 12) but we don't know their range in either time or space.

Is The Baron a construct? (Issue 7, Page 25) Apparently, yes. (Issue 12, Pages 1-3) Can constructs have biological children? If not, who is Gil's real father? And who is his mother?

Is this person... possibly also... Yes or No?
Agatha Clay The Enigma?
(#1, pg. 4)
Uncle Barry Barry Heterodyne? Confirmed!
Lucrecia Mongfish Von Pinn?
Dimitri Dr. Vapnoople?
Adam & Lilith Clay Punch & Judy? Confirmed!
Theo DuMedd Agatha's first cousin? Confirmed!
Master Payne Uncle Barry?*
* -- I don't think so, but Kolok insists that it is. Consider: Barry gave her the locket to protect her. She's no longer wearing it. Payne knows she's on the run from Castle Wulfenbach, and sent her away. Would Barry Heterodyne stop protecting his niece and send her away??? Of course, if Kolok is right, I'll never hear the end of it. :(

Character Current Whereabouts
This table is accurate as of: Issue #14 (Online)
Abner (Payne's Assistant) Payne's Circus
Adam Clay/Punch Castle Wulfenbach
Dame Aedith Payne's Circus
Agatha Clay-Heterodyne Payne's Circus
Andre Payne's Circus
Ardsley Wooster Unknown
Augie Payne's Circus
Balthazar Belloptrix Payne's Circus
Balthazar's Dad Payne's Circus
Bangladesh Dupree Castle Wulfenbach
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach Castle Wulfenbach
Baron Klaus' Wife??? Unknown
Boris Vasily Konstantin etc. Castle Wulfenbach
Bill Heterodyne Unknown
Barry Heterodyne Unknown
Carassius Auratus (the fish) Castle Wulfenbach
Circus Chef Payne's Circus
Dimo (traditional Jager) Payne's Circus
Dr. Dimitri Castle Wulfenbach
Dr. Hugo Glasvitch Transylvania Polygnostic
Dr. Silas Merlot Transylvania Polygnostic
Dr. Mongfish Unknown
Dr. Tarsus Beetle Dead
Dr. Vapnoodle Unknown
Dr. Vg Dead
Embi Payne's Circus
Fust (Jenka's bear) Unknown
General Goomblast Castle Wulfenbach
General Khrizhan Castle Wulfenbach
Gilgamesh Wulfenbach Castle Wulfenbach
Jenka (girl Jager?) Unknown
Judy see Lilith Clay
Krosp Payne's Circus
Lars Payne's Circus
Lilith Clay/Judy Castle Wulfenbach
Lucrecia Mongfish Unknown
Maxim (vampire Jager) Payne's Circus
Master Payne Payne's Circus
Moloch von Zinzer Castle Wulfenbach
Mr. Rovainen Castle Wulfenbach
Mr. Tock Destroyed
Ognian "Oggie" (horned Jager) Payne's Circus
Ollie Payne's Circus
Omar von Zinzer Dead
Othar Tryggvassen Unknown
The Other Unknown
Pix Payne's Circus
Professor Moonsock Payne's Circus
Punch see Adam Clay
Rivet Payne's Circus
Sleipnir O'Hara Unknown
Theopholous DuMedd Unknown
Trish Belloptrix Payne's Circus
Thundering Engine Woman Payne's Circus
Von Pinn Castle Wulfenbach
Wanda (Augie's wife) Payne's Circus
Yeti Payne's Circus
Zeetha of Skifander Payne's Circus
Zoing Castle Wulfenbach
Zulenna Castle Wulfenbach