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"Everybody's Sparky"

Cover: ( April 17, 2005 )
This is the cover of what would have been issue 14.

Page One: ( April 18, 2005 )
Panel Two: Lars is having a panic attack and can't say anything but "Horse!".
Panels Three and Four: Agatha is told by the Countess that several of the circus folk are sparks, but not everybody.
Panel Four: Shouldn't a pie made for shoving in someone's face be an open-faced pie? This one definitely has a crust.

Page Two: ( April 20, 2005 )
Eventually, I'd like to have everyone in the circus identified.
Panel Five: The calming pie has had an effect on Lars. Now, he can only say "Horse! Pie!".

Page Three: ( April 22, 2005 )
Panels One thru Three: Master Payne explains that not all sparks are educated and have vast resources and there are degrees of 'the spark'
Panel Three: The sign on stage reads "Dr. Proni and Olly".
Panel Four: Agatha says, "You thought he (Baron Wulfenbach) had sent the spider clank." Master Payne replies, "The Baron or someone like him." In issue 13, pg. 57, panel 1, The Baron identified the spider clank's sigil as being that of Von Bode.

Page Four: ( April 25, 2005 )
Panel Three: Agatha: "Nobody's had that faith in me since..."
Panel Four: Payne: "Since..." Agatha: "Nothing. Never mind." Since Uncle Barry? Adam and Lilith? Gil?
Panel Five: Another reference to the as-yet unseen Moxana

Page Five: ( April 27, 2005 )
Panels Three thru Six: Agatha's spark is showing. She has the meglomania look, but there's no music. The candle in the background indicates time is passing.
Panel Six: The lace on Agatha's underwear disappears for only this panel.
Panel Eight: Krosp: "A nutcracker?" Agatha has a thing for nuts, she built one in the clank she made from Gil's orchestra.
Panel Nine: Krosp: "A merry-go-round that can level a small town..."
Panel Ten: "... seems a bit overboard for 'self-defense'!" Agatha replies "Well... it could be a really EVIL town..."

Page Six: ( April 29, 2005 )
Panels One thru Three: Zeetha's taking Agatha out for training after she's been up all night. Zeetha has the maniacal spark look herself.
Panel Five: Krosp panics when he sees Lars looking at Agatha's weapon plans.
Panel Six: And then he's relieved when Lars doesn't recognize what he's looking at.
Panels Seven and Eight: Abner and Pix have been burning the Horse Beastie's corpse all night. Wouldn't a travelling circus want to keep the skull at least? "See the corpse of the terrible horse-beastie, a dangerous creature from the Wastelands, who killed three of our crew before we brought it down with only our pitchforks!"

Page Ninety-One: (that what is says in the lower left corner!) ( ( May 2, 2005 )
Panel One: The coffee mug reads "Souviener of Mechanicsberg"
Panel Two: Lars mentions "Anytime Augie's ready." Who or what is Augie?
Panel Three: Payne asks about the Horse-Beastie corpse "So- anything unusual? Jeweled Heart? Enchanted Princess?" I believe 'Jeweled Heart' is a reference to XXXenophile's "Heart of Stone" story.
Panel Four: Zeetha hobbles in with Agatha flung over her shoulder, passed out. Apparently, you can still train someone else with a bad leg.

"On the Road"

Page Ninety-Two: ( May 4, 2005 )
Panel One: As the wagon has wheels instead of legs, I'm inclined to believe this is Lar's wagon and not Baba Yaga. If all of the wagons have names, I want to make a complete list of them. Is the man repairing Smilin' Stev, Balthazar's dad?
Panel Two: Rivet tells Agatha that Baba Yaga has been completely overhauled.
Panel Three: Agatha says she only made some sketchs of the work.
Panel Five: Rivet wants to know who fixed the cart. In the cart window, you can see Dingbot Prime with a wrench and two other dingbots beside him. They are self-replicating (which makes one wonder what the rest are up to onboard Castle Wulfenbach) and apparently they can read blueprints. Have they read the blueprints for Agatha'a defense plans?

Page Ninety-Three: ( May 6, 2005 )
Panel One: Krosp is auditioning, apparently he's changed his mind about being in show business. Again.
Countess: "And yet, a real cat singing and dancing-"
Payne: "Hm. That's the problem. He's unmistakably real."
Panel Two:
Krosp: "I refuse to believe that there's nothing I can do for the show!" Payne: "Oh, I never said that."
Panel Three: Krosp has an circus jacket.
Panel Six: Why do you need a jacket to shovel manure? And that's a terrible job to give to someone with an enhanced sense of smell!

Page Ninety-Four: ( May 9, 2005 )
Panel One: Master Payne is deciding who performs tomorrow. There's a lot going on in this scene, so roughly from left to right, Balt is telling Agatha that they'll be in the town of Zumzum tomorrow. Somehow, I can't help but think that a small boy saying "Zoom, Zoom" is a nod to the Madza commercial. The Countess is posed as the St. Pauli girl on the beer bottle, with the addition of three mugs balanced on her head. Payne: "And Dame Aedith will do her knife throwing" Aha! We finally have a name for 'witch-woman'! (I've been arbitrarily dubbing the circus folk we've seen but don't know the names for) Abner: "This time, do NOT ask if there are any vampires in the audience!" Aedith: "How was I to know that guy was joking? Who'd joke about vampires?!" I can't help but wonder what happened. And I know that's the idea. The jugglers in the background are tossing a fish, a cube and a pineapple in addition to balls. As someone who juggles myself, I'd like to point out that juggling face-to-face like that is blasted difficult. Not only do you have to keep the balls timed correctly, but you have to avoid hitting your partner's hand.
Panel Three: We learn the names of three more Heterodyne stories, "Clockwork Sundial", "The Fog Merchant" and "The Racing Snails of Dr. Zegreb".

Page Ninety-Five: ( May 11, 2005 )
Panel One: Agatha: "But what if I'm no good?". Abner: "Well- We've found that none of the Heterodyne plays really suffer- If Punch and Judy start throwing pies!" Talk about motive to study!
Panel Two: Pie man plays Klaus. Balthazar's father plays Punch. Lars plays Bill. Pix usually plays Lucrezia. Who plays Barry? Master Payne, perhaps?
Panel Three: Obviously sometime later in Agatha's wagon. Agatha: "Do not tempt me! Your brother approaches and I must go!" So Bill and Lucrezia fall in love, but don't actually marry.
Klaus: "um-Blah, Blah, Exploding Bananas- Blah, Blah, 'Pole of my heart-' ah- That was your last line. Good job." Exploding Bananas? Interesting play!
Panel Four: Agatha ruminates over the fact that the plays and stories are about her parents.
Panel Six: Klaus: "When you kiss him, don't think of him as Bill Heterodyne. Just pretend he's Gilgamesh Wulfenbach." The background is stars from the interior of the wagon.
Panel Seven: Klaus: "Or not." Klaus is under a heavy dresser that Agatha threw at him. The background is stars of pain.

"Hanging Jagers in Town"

Page Ninety-Six: ( May 13, 2005 )
Panel One: First appearance of Maxim. (eyes only)
Panel Two: First appearance of Ognian "Oggie". (eyes only)
Panel Three: First appearance of Dimo. (eyes only)
Panel Four: The three of them are side by side...
Panel Five: ... And hanging from gallows.