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Issue #9

Inside Front Cover: Cutouts of General Khrizhan and his teaset.
Inside Back Cover: Castle Wulfenback
Outside Back Cover: Cutout of General Zog (mis-identified as General Goomblast)

Pages One and Two:
Full Page Panel: Our story so far...

Page Three:
Full Page Panel: Agatha demands "Let us go!"

Page Four:
Panel Two: And the slaver wasps let her go!!!
Panel Three:
From Miod: I love the little dingbot with a sharp knife to the left of Agatha in the second panel. It's so cute!

Page Five:
Panel One: Agatha commands "You! STAND ASIDE!"
Panel Two: and the slaver wasps stand aside! She can control Von Pimm, Mr. Roveinen, and now slaver wasps???
Panel Seven: She complains that 'the music' has stopped.

Page Eight:
Panel Two: **Smooch!** Agatha kisses Gil.

Page Ten:
Panel Four: The hive engine was deliberately activated. Presumably by Roveinen.
Panel Seven: Gil disappears, Agatha is too busy to notice.

Page Eleven:
Panel One: The gas line has been re-routed to kill everyone on board ship, presumably by Roveinen, but why? Don't the slavers need live bodies?
Panel Two: Gil disappears, this time Agatha notices.
Panel Four: And again Agatha sees Gil disappear.

Page Twelve and Thirteen:
Panel One: "I guess the Baron will have an easy time mopping up, then".
Panel Three: "He'll probably be sorry he missed all the excitement."
From Miod: Red letters on door in back read "Docking Con...".

Page Fourteen:
Panels One thru Four: Gil removes a gas connector from Agatha's hair and slips it onto her finger, and it has the "Wulfenbach" signature on it. How convienent!
Panel Four: Gil 'proposes' to Agatha
Panel Six : Agatha laughs it off.

Page Fifteen:
Panel Three: Othar 'rescues' Agatha. The clock in the background is a twenty-four hour clock and handless. If it's a floor indicator for the elevator? door below it, wouldn't it still need a hand?

Page Sixteen:
Panel Four: Othar attempts to shoot Gil.
Panel Five: Agatha spoils his shot.
Panel Seven: Othar passes it off as catching Agatha before she fell. This guy has a serious reality filter.

Page Eighteen:
Panel Two: Gil sends Othar out the window.
Panel Four: Gil says "When you get to know him better, you'll want to throw him out a window yourself." This will be significant later.

Page Twenty:
Panel One The re-appearance of Adam and Lilith!!! In battle dress??? Note: Gil's not seeing stars but little tiny dirigibles! :)

Page Twenty One:
Panel Three: Lilith tears a steel door to shreds. Apparently Adam's not the only powerhouse!

Page Twenty Two:
Panels Two thru Six: Lilith explains to Agatha that they gave her the locket to retard her spark because they were trying to protect her.
Panel Seven: Lilith says "Oh yes. You're the daughter of--" Dramatic interruption!

Page Twenty Three:
Full Page Panel: They run into Baron Wulfenbach... who calls Lilith "Judy!" Back in issue 5, page 132 we learn from Theo that the Heterodyne Boys had constructs Punch and Judy and Agatha says that Adam and Lilith hated those stories. Could it be that Adam and Lilith ARE Punch and Judy???

Pages Twenty Four and Twenty Five:
Double Page Panel: A map of Europa Wulfenbach. Castle Wulfenbach is approximately where Budapest would be, Mechanicsburg and Beetleburg are in what would have been Romania. Paris still exists, but London is under water and referred to as "The Glass City".

Page Twenty Six:
Full Page Panel: A portrait of Jagermomma (Have we seen this character yet?