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Issue #8

Inside Front Cover: Cutouts of Doctor Vg and Mr. Rovainen
Back Cover: Another submarine, a portrait of Agatha and Krosp, Christmas gift tags.

Page One:
Full Page Panel: Our story so far...

Page Two:
Panel One: The sign on the wall reads "No Alchemy". A note attached to it reads, "Unless it works". The hive engine can be seen in the next room.
Panel Four: Mr. Rovainen stabs Dr. Vg.

Page Three:
Panel One: Rovainen activates the Hive Engine.
Panel Three: Rovainen admits to the dying Dr. Vg that he is a revenant.
Panel Four: Dr. Vg says "The Other" is dead.
Panel Five: Rovainen says the other lives and he has seen HER.

Pages Four and Five: A Flashback to Agatha's childhood!

Page Four:
Panel One: Baby Agatha is building a toy with gears and pulleys. She is 'singing'. Her Uncle Barry has a present for her.
Panel Two: It's her necklace.
Panel Three: There are pictures of her parents inside.
Panel Four: Uncle Barry makes her promise to always wear it.

Page Five:
Panel One: Agatha thinks very logically for a child.
Panel Six: Agatha has a headache.
Panel Seven: She complains that 'the music' has stopped.

Page Six:
Panel One: Agatha is 'singing' again.
Panel Three: She seems to have come out of her 'spark trance'. She notices her 'dingbot' for the first time.

Pages Six and Seven:
Two Page Panel: There are dozens of dingbots all over Gil's lab in every possible configuration. No, I'm NOT going to count them. The sign on the wall reads "Formula #". A note over it reads "17". A book at Gil's feet reads "Fun Gear Ratios". The various canisters read "7", "012", "3", "62", "777".
From Miod: There are three mimmoths immediately to the right of the yellow dingbot, and a dingbot above them that seems to be looking at them in surprise. His shape is close to the shape of the one hunting them two pages later, he might be the same one!

Page Eight:
Panel One: Mimmoth sighting: On top of the machine on the shelf behind Gil's head

Page Nine:
Panel One: Agatha's new clank is made from the fencing clank, the wrecked flying machine, and the mechanical orchestra. From Miod: There's one dingbot on the column to the left. There are three other ones looking at a plan in the bottom right.

Page Ten:
Panel Two: Mimmoth sighting: A dingbot is chasing a mimmoth in the background.

Page Twelve:
Panel Four: The door is labelled "Lab Full of Exploding Things #5"

Page Thirteen:
Panel Three: The door is labelled "CLOSING in 021 seconds"
From Miod: There is a jaegermonster clank behind the door.

Page Fourteen:
Panels Five thru Seven: I love this scene. "Well, if I'm going AFTER her-- you'll have to OPEN that DOOR!" and then the dingbots all pop out their knives, screwdrivers and wrenches, like a scene from West Side Story in miniature.

Page Fifteen:
Panel Four: Othar is hanging upside-down. WARNING: Don't try this at home!!! Your body's not built to work this way. Five minutes of continuous upside-down suspension will over-work your heart and give you a stroke! Note Agatha's clank on the right.

Page Sixteen:
Panel One: Well, now we know what Agatha's big clank is for, to rescue Othar!

Page Eighteen:
Full Page Panel: Agatha sees a hive-engine's slaver wasp and realizes the hive-engine is active.

Page Nineteen:
From Miod: There is a drawing error on the munitions belt between panels one and four; There's at least five items to the right of the belt buckle in panel one, and only three in panel four. (-:

Page Twenty:
Panels Three and Four: I love the exchange between Von Pimm and Bang.
        VP: I teach restraint.
        Bang: Oh, so your dressmaker's an A+ student then.
        VP: SSSSSS
        Bang: You're losing air, sweetheart!

Page Twenty Two:
Panel Two: The sign on the wall reads "017 Days Without a Major Explosion"

Page Twenty Three:
Panel Six: Agatha's 'sparking' again. And the 'music' is back.

Page Twenty Four:
Panel Four: The barrel is labelled "Lab Tech in a Drum -- Expendable" This is a take-off on "Janitor in a Drum", a cleaning product.

Page Twenty Five:
Panel Three: This time Agatha has combined the Heterodyne device and Gil's lightning generator into a weapon that can be used on the slaver wasps.
Panel Six: Apparently the Heterodyne device turns people invisible, but the people inside the sphere don't notice.

Page Twenty Six:
Panels One thru Three: Presumably these panels take place inside the blue bubble of power and Agatha and Gil don't realize they're invisible from the outside.

Page Twenty Seven:
Panel Four: The students on the escape dirigible are seeing Agatha and Gil disappear and re-appear as the use the Heterodyne device.