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Issue #7

Inside Front Cover: Cutouts of Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and Theopholous DuMedd.
Back Cover: Build your own dingbot.
Note: Pages are no longer numbered.

Page One:
Panel Two: "Do I need to get you some boots?" A reference to Puss in Boots, a fairy tale.

Page Two:
Panel Two: The bottle is labeled: "Ne", the atomic symbol for Neon. Krosp informs Agatha that she's a spark.

Pages Three thru Five are drawn primarily in red, as if the scene was taking place in a photographer's dark room. It abruptly goes back to normal color in the middle of page five. Why?

Page Four:
Panel Two: The Baron states that Othar is also a spark. An adventurer, yes. A spark? Has he created clanks? constructs? anything? Is it possible to identify someone as a spark if they haven't built anything?

Page Five:
Panel Two: The lab instrument is labeled: "Brain Corer".
Panel Four: We're back to normal coloration.

Page Six:
Panel One: One bottle in the lab is labeled: "Essence of Beef".

Page Seven:
Panel Four: The Baron off-handedly mentions that he's married. TO WHOM??? The bottles are labeled: "Flesh Dissolver", "Blood Salts", and "Neuric".
Panel Six: The lab instrument is labeled: "Lil Rippy". Is this what happened to Dr. Dimitri?

Page Nine:
Panel Five: There's a dis-embodied brain in a jar in the lab. Another spark?

Page Ten:
Panel Three: "First" appearance of Bangladesh DuPree. Her earlier appearance was a flashback in Moloch's story. This time, she's actually in the plotline.

Page Eleven:
Panel Four: The book cover is labeled: "The Book of DuPree". The book spine is labeled: "Phenomena Observed:DuPree".

Page Twelve:
Panel One: Bang sees a portal with Agatha, Moloch, Gil dressed as a White Lady and a White Lady. This is immediately after Moloch's gunboat was destroyed and Moloch is saying "They made it!". This may be significant later.
Panel Three: Bang says it's two weeks later.
Panel Four: The portal re-appears. Gil can see that Bang has a gun, so vision is two-way thru the portal. Agatha starts a sentence that she finishes in the earlier portal. This means the portals are not limited by time. We still don't know if it's possible to pass through a portal. Or what the range is in time or space. The Dragon King of Mars was a story and not reliable data.

Page Thirteen:
Panel Five: Othar has escaped.

Page Fifteen:
Panel One: Agatha is introduced to Zoing. Zoing speaks English, sorta. "Schmeka Teee?" is "She's making tea?".
Panel Three: The washtub is labelled "GET BIGGER TUB" -- Miod Panel Four: Agatha is introduced to Ardsley.

Page Sixteen:
Panel One: Check out the tuning fork hanging on the tool board. It's an optical illusion. The handle is two square prongs, the ends are three round prongs. The hippo helmet has a sign that reads "Needs work".
From Miod: Mimmoth Sighting: two mimmoths above tool board. Panel Two: Brace yourselves! It's the library!

Panel Four: The book Agatha selects is "THB & the Pneumatic Racer" by Philbert Oleo

Page Seventeen
Panel One: Agatha selects "Trelawney Thorpe, Girl Adventurer in the Seraglio of the Iron Sheik". The publisher is "A Jolly Good Book! Co." We learned in issue #5, page 132 that Theo is the son of The Iron Sheik.
From Asuka: "Seraglio" is a rather fancy name for a harem, as in the Mozart Opera "The Abduction From the Seraglio". Notice Agatha hasn't made the conection, and Gil's trying desperately to ensure she won't. Meanwhile Wooster is chearfully teasing Gil's lack of romantic success "a favorite.." ala Othar. Gil must have been a bit shy in Paris..
Panel Two: Another set of library shelves!

Panel Five: The book is "The Glass Dirigible". This is a reference to "The Glass Menagerie" Tennessee Williams
Panel Six: The machine is labeled "N to Z".

Page Eighteen and Nineteen: Double Page Panel: Gil and Agatha dance to a mechanical orchestra!

Page Twenty:
Panel Four: First appearance of the blue globe, a genuine Heterodyne artifact -- . It will be significant later.

Page Twenty-One:
Panel One: Mimmoth sighting, under Agatha's word balloon. -- Miod
Panel Two: First appearance of Gil's lightning generator.
Panel Four: Would you really put your face in front of a lightning generator and then repeatedly click the on switch? Sparks may be bright, but sometimes, they're not too bright! :D
Panel Five: First appearance of Gil's fencing clank.

Page Twenty-Two:
Panel Four: A fencing opponent with four arms and power tools is a "more realistic" opponent??? Who does Gil expect to meet???

Page Twenty-Three:
Panel Four: Agatha defeats the fencing clank.

Page Twenty-Four:
Panel One: Aha! Now we know who Gil is expecting to meet. :D

Page Twenty-Five:
Panel One: From Miod: one of the clanks' arm opens and reveals a miniature action figure with a mace (to the right of Agatha's head). Soooo cute!
Panel Two: Agatha defeats the fencing clank. Again. How's that spark ego and temper holding up Gil? :)

Page Twenty-Six:
Panel Two: The Baron has an awful lot of surgical stitching. Either adventuring with the Heterodyne Brothers takes it's toll, or he's a construct!

Page Twenty-Eight:
Panel One: The Baron comments that Othar isn't even damaged. And he's been hit in the head with a pipe wrench. He must be nearly as tough as a Jaegermonster. The door reads "Sponge Control Station 7". The pipe is marked "Steam Conduit".
Panel Three: Agatha is starting to realize she may not be with 'the good guys'.

Page Twenty-Nine:
Panel Five: The Baron thinks that Gil wants Agatha for his mistress.

Page Thirty:
Panel Three: Zoing says "ugettagurl?" Translation: "You get a girl?"
Panel Four: Othar is awake and makes a remark about Gil's actual taste in women. How would he know?
Panel Five: Bottles are labeled "ADT", "O2", "75" and "Caution".

Page Thirty Two:
Panel Four: Agatha gives a direct order to Dr. Rovainen and he obeys and calls her 'mistress'. Is he just trying to get away from suspected spark with a temper, or does she have some sort of control over him, like she may have with Von Pimm?

Page Thirty Three:
Panel One: Agatha informs her friends that Othar is prisoner aboard ship.

Page Thirty Four:
Panel One: Krosp tells Agatha his name.
Panel Three: Krosp explains he's a construct. Over the next two pages, he explains how he was supposed to be used and why it didn't work.

Page Thirty Five:
Panel Five: Agatha remarks 'Oh good. I can serve the King of the Cats'. This is the first time Krosp is addressed as The King of Cats.

Page Thirty Six:
Panel One: Krosp says he accept her fealty. Depending on the local culture, this may be a binding contract. In panel four, he says he's now responsible for her safety.
Panel Five: Krosp says his creator was Dr. Vapnoodle and he couldn't save him. Is Dr. Vapnoodle dead? or has a lobotomy made him Dr. Dimitri?