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Issue #6

Inside Front Cover: Cutouts of Professor P. Foglio, Professor K. Foglio, Krosp, Dingbot I, and Carassius Auratus (the goldfish from Issue #1 now has a name!)
Back Cover: Cutouts of a submersible, Carassius, a random fish and an Official TPU Student ID card.
Note: Page numbering has been re-started. The story summary is Page One and Page Two.

Page Three:
Full page panel: Othar Tryggvassen introduces himself to Agatha Clay as a gentleman adventurer. His name is strongly reminiscent of Olaf Tryggvason, a 10th century King of Norway. Note: Othar is suspended by his thighs and arms. It is possible to be suspended this way for long periods of time without harm.

Page Four:
Panel Two: Agatha recites adventures of Othar. He takes credit for the first two, but denies the third one which she made up. Apparently, he really is an adventurer and not just taking credit for being one. "The savior of the town of Mount Horeb from the rain of mustard." The Mustard Museum in Mount Horeb, Washington was so tickled by this reference, they posted it on their latest news webpage.
Panels Three and Four: Agatha is exceeding cautious about the pit Othar is suspended above. Considering that they're on an dirigible, it might literally be bottomless.
Panel Four: Othar apparently believes that his life is an adventure story. He tries to fit Agatha into a stereotype (villian's beautiful daughter, plucky lab assistant, spunky girl sidekick, etc). He also has little regard for the consequences of his actions, like all the hostages who would die if he succeeded in blowing up Airship Castle Wulfenbach. No wonder people don't like Sparks around!

Page Six:
Panel Three: Another running gag reference to the importance Jagermonsters place on their hats.

Page Eight:
Panel Two: Does each clone have a different eye color? Is this how the Baron tells them apart?

Page Nine:
Panel One: The Jagermonsters refer to themselves as Jagerkin.
Panel Five: I believe this is the first mention outside of Issue #0 that the Baron took in the Jagermonsters rather than created them.

Page Ten:
Panel Two: Another reference to fact that Amanda smells different to the Jagermonsters.
Panel Five: First appearance of General Zog and General Goomblast. General Khrizhan's first appearance was in Issue#4 when Gil and Amanda crashed through the window in Gil's flying machine.

Page Eleven:
Panel Four: Agatha gets her "stuff". Have we seen this before? Or was it simply stuff the Jagermonsters took from Clay Mechanical?

Page Twelve:
Panel One: The mugs are marked with a pretty girl and the Jagermonster brooch design. The tea pot has a monster's face, the spout is his nose.
Panel Two: The mug is labeled: "Souvenir of Castle Heterodyne". General Khrizhan and General Goomblast are speaking in whispers, apparently Agatha doesn't just smell like a spark, she smells like a Heterodyne spark!

Page Thirteen:
Panel Five: Jager Andre leads Agatha away from the combat. On my next pass through the annotations, I'm going to try to identify all the Jagerkin by name. Help would be appreciated.

Page Fifteen:
Panel One: This portion of the Airship is decorated with a moon and suns motif.

Page Sixteen:
Panel Two: First appearance of Hezekiah Donowitz. Bottles are labeled: "Dynamo Wine" and "Whale Ale".
Panel Four: Bottles are labeled: "Fizz" and "Cyclops". The Cyclops bottle has one eye.

Page Seventeen:
Panel One: The upside down bottle is labeled: "Old Upside Down Ale".
Panel Two: The bottles are labeled: "Formula 73A", "Spark Gap", "Old Hypothesis ~~ Let's try it", "Aqua Regia", "Jack", and "Sweet Span". Spark Gap is a type of radio transmitter that creates a magnetic field by having a spark jump a gap. Spark plugs work in a similar fashion. A Hypothesis is an unproven theory for explaining the results of an experiment. Aqua Regia is a Latin for "Royal Water", a mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acid so corrosive that it's the only acid that can dissolve gold, hence the name.
Panel Four: The bottles are labeled: "October Frenzy", "Potato Surprize", "Blue Lightning" and "Drink Me". The latter is a reference to Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll where Alice encounters a similar bottle.

Page Nineteen:
Panel Five: Krosp is drinking from Agatha's cup and using his hands. This is the first indication that he's more than just a cat.

Page Twenty and Page Twenty One:
Double Page Panel: Agatha is dreaming of a clockwork universe. A standard Earth globe is just over her head. A stylized sun is in the upper left corner. There are three colored circles on wide sweeping arcs. A red circle is labeled with the symbol for Mars, a green circle with the symbol for Venus, and a blue circle with the symbol for Jupiter. They are also the symbols for man, woman and tin, but I don't think those interpretations apply here.

Page Twenty Two:
Panel One: The box on the wall of the lab is marked: "Emergency".

Page Twenty Three:
Panel One: The vat of bubbling green fluid is labeled: "Do Not Drink"
Panel Four: Agatha says "Well, at least I don't have another FAILURE staring at me." Ironically, A SUCCESSFUL Dingbot is staring at her from hiding. But why is it hiding from it's creator?

Page Twenty Four:
Panel Six: The generator is obscured by word balloons. The only word I can make out is "Generator".

Page Twenty Five:
Panel One: First mention of Duke D'omas.
Panel Three: The duke's gunboat is marked: "Vienna 707".

Page Twenty Six:
Panel One: First appearance of Bangladesh DuPree.
Panel Three: Moloch says that Bruno, the kid, himself and Omar got away. He didn't think anyone else did. This is significant later.
Panel Four: The container is labeled: "Syrup of L".

Page Twenty Seven:
Panel Five: First appearance of Dr. DiMitri. Note that he has surgical scars on top of his head.

Page Twenty Eight:
Panel Four: There's an old man with a beverage cart down the side corridor.
Panel Five: The supply room. The cylinder is labeled: "Packing". The crate is labeled: "Grease Grade 5". The box is labeled: "Bearings". The air tanks are labeled: "Air (Good)" and "Air (Bad)".

Page Twenty Nine:
Panel Two: The cans are labeled: "Paint" and "Shellac". The bottles are labeled: "Vin Ordinary" and "Vin Weird". Vin is the Latin word for 'wine'.
Panel Eight: Notice that Krosp is hiding among the rag dolls. He really gets around this ship. The various containers are labeled: "Ether Bunny", "Gear Polish", "Cavorite", "Cavorite", "Mummy Dust", "Mummy Dust" and "Olio". "Ether Bunny" is the punch line of a high school freshman chemistry riddle. What do you call two rabbits connected by an oxygen atom. Ether Bunnies! :D Cavorite is from the H.G. Well's novel First Men in the Moon. Dr. Cavor invented an anti-gravity material which he named after himself.

Pages Thirty and Thirty One:
The flying castles and picturesque beautiful women theme dominate the decor of the fencing hall. Note that while Sleipner practices with goggles on, the match between Agatha and the Princess is done without face protection. This would drive most instructors to screaming.

Page Thirty Two:
Panel Four: Another reference to the fact that each Spark (Madboy) has their own style. D'Omas was obviously a spark.
Panel Five: Agatha's Dingbots are referred to as "those tiddly little clockwork things", they're still not called Dingbots in the story line. Another reference to Castle Heterodyne as punishment.

Page Thirty Three:
Panel One: Mimmoth sighting: In the glass jar in Morloch's hand. (Okay, so it's an obvious one!) Another reference to The Glass Jars. This is *still* the only punishment that we know what it is.

Page Thirty Four:
Panel One: Now Krosp is in the lab. That cat gets around!
Panel Three: A reference to Carassius Auratus, however he's still only known in the storyline as "the goldfish".

Page Thirty Six:
Panels One thru Four: Gil obviously has plans for Morloch. Wanna bet they won't get the Baron's approval?

Page Thirty Seven:
Panel Three: Agatha learns that Krosp can talk!