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Issue #5

Inside Front Cover: Cutout of Sleipner, Zoing, Von Pinn, a Mimmoth.
Back Cover: Submarine Cutouts
Note: The pages are numbered again, starting with Page One Hundred Twelve.

Page One Hundred Twelve:
Full page panel: You can see Agatha's reflection in Von Pinns monocle.

Page One Hundred Fourteen:
Panel Three: Agathas tunic is not ripped
Panel Four: Agathas tunic is ripped. Agatha gives a direct order to Von Pinn.
Panel Five: Von Pinn obeys Agatha's order. Hmmmm..

Page One Hundred Fifteen:
Panel One: One of the children watching has a clock design on his forehead. A new brooch design? It may be a nod to the Watchmen comic series. He also appears on the following page.

Page One Hundred Sixteen:
Panel Two: Von Pinn's pocket watch has a Pieces design on it.
Panel Four: Von Pinn is inhumanly fast as well as inhumanly strong (She lifted Agatha with one hand.)

Page One Hundred Seventeen:
Panel One: First appearance of Theopholous DuMedd. He's wearing a trilobite brooch.
Panel Three: Theopholous claims that his aunt Lucrezia married one of the Heterodyne Brothers.

Page One Hundred Eighteen thru Page One Hundred Thirty One:
The pages are all sepia-toned (neat effect!) because this is actually a story-within-a-story, a tale being told by Theopholous to the children. While it's possible that some of the information we learn is true, none of it can be taken as accurate without independent confirmation. Still, it brings up some interesting questions.

Page One Hundred Eighteen:
Panel One: The adventure is titled: "The Heterodyne Boys and the Dragon from Mars". This is a typical title for a pulp novel in an adventure series from the 1940's & 1950's. First appearance of Billy Heterodyne. (Barry's first appearance was in a flashback in Issue #2) First appearance of revenants. (First mentioned in a poster in Issue #1)

Page One Hundred Nineteen:
Panels One thru Three: We "learn" that a revenant can be restored to humanity.
Panel Six: Klaus knows how long he was a revenant, so apparently they do retain at least some memory of what they did.

Page One Hundred Twenty:
Panel One: We "learn" the Other is a thing, not a person.
Panel Three: The cylinder is labeled: "Hercules Class Piston". The archway has a carved face with tusks, but it doesnt look like a Jagermonster. An early version perhaps?

Page One Hundred Twenty One and One Hundred Twenty Two:
Double page panel: First appearance of TOtheron, Dragon King of Mars. Where is the light source thats casting the Barons shadow on the wall?

Page One Hundred Twenty Four:
Panel One: First appearance of Lucrezia Monkfish.
Panel Two: Barry says she's his wife.

Page One Hundred Twenty Five:
Panel One: First appearance of Dr. Mongfish, Lucrezias father.

Page One Hundred Twenty Six:
Panel Two: Barry's portable claw is labeled: "Heterodyne Portable Claw" and "Use Only for Good".

Page One Hundred Twenty Seven:
Panel Three: We "learn" that portals can be passed through as well as viewed through.

Page One Hundred Twenty Eight:
Panel Two: The Dragon King of Mars is a hive engine?
Panel Four: The bottle is labeled: "Ocean". Dr. Monkfish says it's labeled: "Ocean in a Bottle".

Page One Hundred Twenty Nine:
Panel One: Lucrezia has been restored to humanity. "Thank goodness you had all those clockwork ducks, Klaus." Apparently, there are multiple ways to restore a revenant's humanity.

Page One Hundred Thirty:
Panel Two: "Hey Klaus! We're going to Mars in a rowboat!! Beat that one buddy!" My fantastic adventure is more fantastic than your fantastic adventure. Nyahh-Nyahh!

Page One Hundred Thirty One:
Panel Four: Winslow is a puppet on Theo's left hand, presumably playing the role of the Dragon King from Mars. Is the right hand puppet supposed to be Barry? The children say that Von Pinn is really Lucrezia.

Page One Hundred Thirty Two:
Panel One: Agatha meets Theo. Theo says his favorite Heterodyne stories are the ones with the monsters Punch and Judy. Punch and Judy is the historical name of a puppet show that was commonly played throughout Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth century. Agatha says her favorite Heterodyne story is "The Heterodyne Boys and the Race to the West Pole". This may be a nod to Piers Anthony's Apprentice Adept series where the planet Phaze has a West Pole.
Continuity Note: Agatha remembers an Uncle Barry. Theo claims that his aunt is Lucrezia Monkfish. In Theo's story, he mentions that Lucrezia married Billy Heterodyne, the brother of Barry Heterodyne. If all of this is true, then Agatha and Theo may be first cousins and not know it.
Panel Two: Z claims his father is The Iron Sheik who built the mechanical camel. Is this who hes being held hostage for? If Lucrezia is his aunt, and The Iron Sheik is his father, that would make Lucrezia and The Iron Sheik siblings.
Panel Four: Theo is wearing a trilobite brooch and drinking out of a mug with the Flying Castle design.

Page One Hundred Thirty Three:
Panel One: The princess says that nothing can cure a revenant. The revenant bugs are called slaver wasps.
Panel Three: The princess says that hive engines create slaver wasps.

Page One Hundred Thirty Four:
Panels One thru Three: "You want to be sneaking into one of the Baron's labs? Even after what happened the last time?!!" "Well, Yeah." "Sweet!! Lets Go!" I love this exchange.
Panel Four: The screw heads on the deck behind them are about six inches across. Who uses a screwdriver that big?

Page One Hundred Thirty Five:
Panel One: The cylinder is marked: "37". The lab has a taped up sign: "Experiment in Progress! No Clanks, Cucumbers, Clocks or Dancing".

Page One Hundred Thirty Six:
Panel Four: First appearance of Dr. Vg and Dr. Rovainen. Dr. Vg wears a Flying Castle brooch.

Page One Hundred Thirty Seven:
Panel One: Dr Rovainen can recognize the work of The Other. Presumably, he can recognize the work of The Baron. This would suggest that the Baron is NOT the other, a theory that was suggested in Issue #0.

Page One Hundred Thirty Eight:
Panels Two thru Five: Is that Krosp's shadow? How did he get here?

Page One Hundred Forty:
Panel Four: First appearance of Katz? How was he summoned? Did he hear the crash of the Hive?

Page One Hundred Forty One:
Panel Three: Grease trap duty. Obviously some form of punishment, a work detail.
Panel Four: It looks like Katz is a clone. How does the Baron tell them apart? Or are they all named Katz?

Page One Hundred Forty Two:
Panels Two and Three: The Baron is obviously hearing the story of the Dragon King of Mars for the first time.
Panel Five: Panel is marked: "Annovatron Mark VII", "off" & "on". The Baron obviously recognized DuMedd.

Page One Hundred Forty Three:
Panel One: DuMedd calls out "Mimmoth Exterminators!" as he enters the lab. The place apparently needs it. Mimmoth sighting: There are two mimmoth hiding atop the console on the top right of the panel. The welcome mat reads: "Decontaminate Your Feet!" There's a fish mounted over the doorway and the goldfish from issue #1 is back in the lower right corner. His bowl has been given tank treads and he has his own set of controls inside the bowl.

Page One Hundred Forty Four:
Panel Six: Bulkhead door is labeled: "Potable Ballast" and "Wheel 610P". Potable means drinkable.

Page One Hundred Forty Six:
Full Page Panel: First Appearance of Othar Tryggvassen.