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Issue #4

Inside Front Cover: Cutout of Boris, a Mimmoth and an alternate decoder wheel center for evil geniuses.
Back Cover: Dirigible Cutouts
Note: From here on, the comic is in color and the pages arent numbered. Im going to stick with the pattern thats been followed so far and call the first page after the summary page eighty-two.

Page Eighty-Two:
Full page panel: Agatha's underwear is pink, not white as I assumed in the black and white comic, and theres no sign of the telltale grease and oil from the end of the last issue.

Page Eighty-Three:
Panel Two: First use of "madboy", a slang term for someone with "The Spark".

Page Eighty-Four:
Full page panel: First appearance of (from left to right): Nickodeamus Yurkofsky, Princess Zulenna Luzhakna, Sleipnir O'Hara and Zami Yahya Ahmad ibn Suliman al-Sinhaji (back of head at bottom of page). Nick is reading a book titled: "Advanced Mechanics for the Mad". The bulletin board has a large leaf and a "Clean Up" list. The wallpaper runner is blimps on the upper level and flowers on the lower level. The blimps are a foreshadowing of where she is.

Page Eighty-Six:
Panel Three: Agatha has a porthole in her room, too bad she never looks out.
Panel Four: Molach has Agatha's brooch. But, it's been smashed against the floor. Will it still work?
Panel Five: More foreshadowing, there's a poster of the Airship on the wall.
Panel Six: Moloch mentions The Waxworks. Since he wasn't at Dr. Beetle's lab, it's a well-known punishment, but we still dont know what it is.

Page Eighty-Seven:
Panel One: Moloch is talking for the benefit of the eavesdroppers. Sleipner and Zulenna are getting an earful.
Panel Three: Look out the porthole, Agatha! Sigh!, but of course, she doesn't.
Panels Seven and Eight: Sleipner introduces herself to Agatha. According to Norse mythology, Sleipner is the eight-legged horse of Odin, King of the Gods.

Page Eighty-Eight:
Panel Two: Note the eyes under the bed. Technically, this is the first appearance of Krosp. The airship poster is in the background again.
Panel Four: First mention of Von Pinn.

Page Eighty-Nine:
Panel One: The Flying Castle design is over the corridor archway. First appearance of Itto Wheelwright (striped shirt and blue goggles). Rigger rats is a slang term for sailors who worked in the rigging on sailing ships. Highly dangerous duty.

Page Ninety:
Panel Two: The shower device is marked: "Hot Rain Engine #106".
Panel Three: Agatha wears pants for the first time.

Page Ninety-One:
Panel One: Agatha meets Nick, Z, and Princess Zule for the first time.
Panel Three: Sleipner makes faces behind Zules back, apparently she doesn't like her.

Page Ninety-Two:
Panel One: The door is marked: "Galley In".
Panel Two: It's the kitchen. Fire bucket in the corner by the door. The bins are marked; "Rhizones", [blocked by Agathas legs], "Fungus" and "Tubers". Rhizones are the portion of certain plant stems that grow under ground, fungus are mushrooms, and tubers are potato-like plants. Watch the next three pages carefully, and you'll see that the gang is apparently making octopus soup. Yum! First mimmoth sighting: lower right hand corner, on top of the stove.
Panel Three: Jars are labeled: "Lemon Oil", "Oil of Olay" (a skin care product), "Anchovy Oil" (a fish oil) and "Green Oil".

Page Ninety-Three:
Panel Two: Jars are labeled: "Turnip Paste", "Gater Sauce", "Eel Juice" and "Ant Gravy".
Panel Six: Urn is labeled: "Coffee".

Page Ninety-Four:
Panel Five: First appearance of Ardsley Wooster.

Page Ninety-Five:
Panel Three: First appearance of Zoing.

Page Ninety-Six:
Panel One: Mimmoth sighting.
Panel Six: Fuel tank is labeled: "Hot Glug".
Panel Seven: Gil thinks Dr. Beetle may have thrown the bomb at Agatha, not Gil.

Page Ninety-Seven:
Panel Six: Agatha doesnt know Moloch von Zinzer by name.

Page Ninety-Eight:
Panels One thru Five: Agatha is trying to cover up that she isn't close with von Zinzer, but Gil isnt buying it.
Panel Six: Gil's spark is showing again, megalomania time!

Page Ninety-Nine:
Panel One: The floor drops out and the unfinished flying machine launches. Heck of a way to impress a girl. :) Everything else in the pit, tools, parts, etc. also falls on the helpless village below. Sparks may be gifted, but they don't think ahead. How long will it take to replace all those parts?
Panel Four: They're awfully calm considering they're falling to their doom.

Page One Hundred:
Panels One thru Five: Agatha's spark is showing, she's re-designing an engine while falling.

Page One Hundred Two and One Hundred Three:
Double page panel: The first appearance of Castle Wulfenbach

Page One Hundred Five:
Panel Two: First appearance of General Khrizhan.

Page One Hundred Six:
Panel One: The General stops several hundred pounds of metal with one hand.

Page One Hundred Seven:
Panels Six and Eight: Agatha smells nice to the General. We know Jagermonsters are strong and can smell the spark. Is the General an old Jagermonster?

Page One Hundred Eight:
Panel One: Gil denies Agatha smells nice. Apparently, hes aware that Jagermonsters can smell the spark.

Page One Hundred Eleven:
Full page panel: First appearance of Von Pimm.