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Issue #3

Inside Front Cover: Cutout of Zudok, the Jagermonster Unit Commander
Back Cover: Dirigible Cutouts
Note: Page numbering continues from previous issue. First page is actually page 54.

Page Fifty-Four:
Full page panel: Phil says it took three days to draw this and three days to color it. I believe it, there's an incredible amount of detail here. First appearance of Agatha's first major clank, formerly the steam engine we first saw in Adam's shop back in issue #2, page Forty-One. The building on the left has a mortar and pestle for a sign indicating that its an apothecary (what we would now call a drugstore). There's a beetle design on the sign. The awning reads: "nes leeches". The shop next stores sells pierogies, a Slavic dumpling with a filled center; usually meat, sauerkraut, cottage cheese, or fruit. On top of the buildings is a weathervane with a lightning bolt insignia, I would have expected a beetle. On the opposite side of the street, the Bank advertises it's licensed, but doesn't say for what. There's a stork nesting on the roof. In some European communities, that was considered a sign of good luck. The peddler in the street is apparently selling "Meats".

Page Fifty-Five:
Panel One: The sign is partially obscured, but it reads: Pierogies. It's the shop sign we saw on the previous page. There's a menu posted on the wall, apparently listing what kind of pierogies they sell. The Baron is advancing up the street. Boris is drinking coffee and eating doughnuts, but no doughnut shop is visible.
Panel Three: Kolok notes: "Klaus pus his hand on the bridge of his nose in a gesture of annoyance. Notice it will be repeated exactly by Gil on page Seventy Four. Like father, like son!"

Page Fifty-Six:
Panel One: The sign reads: "Long Live the Tyrant".
Panel Four: Boris appears to be right, the clank is looking for someone.

Page Fifty-Seven:
Panel One: Kolok notes: "There is a carving of a semi-naked woman holding a huge cornucopia on the wall over their heads. What shop are they in front of?"
Panel Four: Why is there a faucet seven feet off the ground???
Panel Five: The sign reads: "The". What shop are they in front of?

Page Fifty-Eight:
Panel One: Gil is apparently inhumanly fast... a construct perhaps?
Panel Three: The sign reads: "Beverages". What shop are they in front of?
Kolok notes: "The shop labelled beverages also shows a number of symbols, one of which is the lightning bolt seen on the top of the weathervane on page fifty-four (well, rotated ninety degrees). Another shows the castle without wings. Perhaps these are heraldry for the local families?"

Page Sixty:
Panel One: The sign reads: "Tripe W".
Panel Two: The Baron's grappling gun is reminiscent of the one used by Rorschach in The Watchmen.

Page Sixty-One:
Panels Three and Four: "I needed a distraction, not a sacrifice! That's what the Jagermonsters are for!" Great line.

Page Sixty-Two:
Panel Three: The street sign reads: "171".
Panel Four: The bakery is "Hearts and Flours" and the sign on the door says: "No Honking". The doorway to the stairs reads: "Honk!" The sign on the wall reads: "Honk Lessons by" [I can't make out the rest]. The stairs are labeled: "You Can Do It". The Glass shop has a sign in the window: "No Honking".

Page Sixty-Three:
Panel Two: The shop address is "31". The peddler is selling "Milk" and the shop around the corner is labeled: "Hogno". The rest of the sign is obscured.

Page Sixty-Four:
Apparently both the Baron and Gil are in top-shape. They are easily keeping up with the clank.
Panel Three: Lower left corner has a snail with a shell three feet across. Waiter, just bring me a small escargot! :)

Page Sixty-Five:
Panel Three: The fish shop's signs read: "Fish", "Fish", "Special Big Fish", "Trout 7/6" "Red 10/1" The slash is typical British pricing. Read it as shillings + pence. Twelve pence equals one shilling, twenty shillings equals one pound. Worker's wages were typically three or four pence a day in the seventeenth century. The cheese shop's signs read: "Cheese", "2/8" (on the egg shaped cheese), and "3/5" on the partial wheel. He has a caged mouse hanging from the ceiling. Adam and Lilith are in the lower right corner of the panel.
From Folenzo: Note that, if the shillings / pence reading is correct, then these signs use a different system than the one in issue 1, page 1. "2p", etc., is the notation used in Britain since decimalization of the currency in 1971 (100p = 1 pound). Either Prof. Foglio is in a different country, or sometime between the story and its telling, the system was changed.
From Kolok: Are we sure that the numbers with the slashes are shillings and pence? Knowing the world these characters live in, signs with prices just seem too normal. Besides, We clearly are NOT in England, (which everyone knows is underwater) so why would we be using their monetary system?

Page Sixty-Six:
Panel Three: Lilith recognizes the steam engine as Ketter's Tractor and realizes that it's Agatha's creation. That puts her one step ahead of everybody else at this point in time. This will be the last time we see Adam and Lilith for quite some time to come.

Page Sixty-Seven:
Panel One: Agatha is washing the grease and oil off her hands that we saw on her nearly to the elbows at the end of the last issue. Presumably she's not using the container labeled "Acid" at her feet. She does not get it all. This will be significant.

Page Sixty-Eight:
Panel Three: The clank has fulfilled its function and found Moloch. Ironically, he's been in Clay Mechanical the whole time. If the machine had never left the building, it would have found him faster and the Baron would never have known about the clank.

Page Sixty-Nine:
Panel Two: The bomb is labeled: "C".
Panel Three: Moloch says its C-gas. What is C-gas? And how is a container with a round bottom standing upright?

Page Seventy:
Panel One: The handprint on Agatha's hip is gone. The bird nest is still over the doorsill, but the jug of moonshine is gone.
Panel Two and Three: The Baron assumes that Moloch, and not Agatha, is the new spark.

Page Seventy-One:
Panel One: The doorway is labeled: "Private".
Panel Three: C-gas is apparently knock-out gas. As an ex-soldier, Moloch would recognize it. What does C stand for?

Page Seventy-Three:
Panels One thru Four: Apparently constructs smell funny to Jagermonsters 'like machines', while people with the spark, smell "goot". The debate rages, Does Agatha smell 'goot' because she is a spark or because she is a Heterodyne?
Panel Five: A Jagermonster is lifting a wagon with one hand. This is the first indication that they are inhumanly strong. The wagon is labeled: "Clay Mechanical".

Page Seventy-Four:
Panel One: The bird nest is over the doorsill, but now the jug is a jar. Note: one of the Jagermonsters arguing over Agatha is blond. Gil has his hand to his head in a gesture of annoyance. Note the earlier comment on Page Fifty Five, Panel Three.

Page Seventy-Five:
Panel One: Agatha's clank is moving to protect her. This is a clue for Gil, if he's smart enough to see it.
Panel Two: Is this Jagermonster, Zudoc?

Page Seventy-Seven:
Panel One: The blond Jagermonster (is there only one?) is assisting with the Clank Gun.
Panel Three: A Jagermonster has been blown clean through a wall. Either the Jagermonsters are extremely casual about death, or they're nearly invulnerable and hes not dead.

Page Seventy-Eight:
The blond Jagermonster destroys Agathas first major clank.

Page Seventy-Nine:
Panel Two: One of the Jagermonsters addresses the blond as Zudok, but we saw on Page Sixteen that Zudoc is dark-haired.

Page Eighty:
Panel Three: Gil is starting to realize that Agatha, not Morloch is the clank's master.
Panel Four: A Jagermonster addressed as Stosh thinks his nose is broken. If this is the one that went through the wall, then they virtually invulnerable, but not completely.

Page Eighty-One:
Panel One: Agatha has a left hand on the end of her left arm.
Panel Three: Agatha has a right hand on the end of her left arm.
Panel Four: Agatha has a right hand on the end of her left arm.
Panel Seven: Gil is starting to realize that Agatha is the new spark, not Moloch.
Bottom border: End of Prologue