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Issue #2

Inside Front Cover: Cutouts of The Watch (Mr. Tock), Dr. Beetle, and a Mimmoth.
Back Cover: Dirigible Cutouts
Note: Page numbering continues from previous issue. First page is actually page 26.

Page Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight:
Double page panel: Mr. Tock comes to Dr. Beetle's rescue. How was he summoned? Dr. Beetle is showing signs of megalomania.

Page Twenty-Nine:
Panel Two: Gil is still carrying the goldfish bowl from issue #1.

Page Thirty:
Panel One: Mr. Tock is destroyed.
Panel Three: The clanks are starting to say "Stand_!" when they are destroyed. Stand down?

Page Thirty-One:
Panel Two: The control panel is labeled: "The Switch(tm)". The switches are labeled "1", "2", "3".

Page Thirty-Two:
Panel One: The Baron already knew what Dr. Beetle was up to, the obvious signs include the dramatic increase in the price of honey. Note that the window behind them is broken. This may be the one Agatha's clank went through as it exploded.
Panel Five: Dr. Beetles brooch is a bomb. Are the other two brooches bombs as well?

Page Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four:
Gil tosses the goldfish bowl up in the air, knocks the bomb back to Dr. Beetle and then catches the goldfish bowl and knocks Agatha to the floor. I vaguely recall a similar sequence in the Kung-Fu movie The Kid with the Golden Arm where the hero fights without putting down his jar of rice wine.

Page Thirty-Five:
Panel Eight: Dr. Beetle is pronounced dead in the explosion. Baron Wulfenbach? asks about his head and is told it's totally destroyed.
Panel Ten: Kolok says 'The Baron notes that Dr. Beetle in not only dead, but is dead "permanently" because his head is destroyed. It would appear that the Baron still found Dr. Beetle useful and wanted to reanimate him."

Page Thirty-Six:
Agatha has another Spark attack. A burst of megalomania followed by a headache.

Page Thirty-Seven:
Panel Six: The baron threatens to send Dr. Merlot to Castle Heterodyne as punishment. Slave labor? Torture?

Page Forty:
Panel Eight: Agathas home is labeled: "Clay Mechanical".

Page Forty-One:
Panel One: First appearance of Adam Clay. See note on next paragraph about names.
Panel Two: First appearance of the Steam Engine. It will show up later as part of Agatha's first major clank. The fact that Adam's lifting a steam engine by himself without the use of pulleys is a major clue that he is not quite human.

Page Forty-Two:
Panel Four: Agatha says she can't think of anything that would make the day worse, apparently being crushed to death by a heavy machinery isn't on the list.
Panel Five: First appearance of Lilith Clay. A note on the names: According to the Christian Bible, God created Adam out of clay. According to Jewish Legend, Lilith was Adam's first wife, Eve was his second. This may be the source of the names for these two characters. The sign over the door reads "Private". There's a maul next to the door that no ordinary human could use.

Page Forty-Three:
Panel One: We see that Lilith's left eye is outsized. This is not a drawing mistake, she was created this way.

Page Forty-Four:
Panel One: Lilith notices Agatha's brooch is missing and she knows the significance of this.

Page Forty-Five:
Panel One: Adam shakes his head, No. Apparently, he can't talk.
Panel Seven: Lilith's glasses make her eyes look normal. This is not a drawing mistake.

Page Forty-Six:
Panel One: First appearance of Agatha's bedroom. A very cluttered scene, I may miss some things. Winslow is hanging from the ceiling along with a model dirigible. A six foot sunflower plant is mounted on the ceiling panel. The number sequence along the wall paper is the prime numbers between one and eighty. The window sill is labeled: "Carpe diem" which is Latin for "Seize the Day". Handprints by the bed are labeled 8, 10, and 13, but they're too low for those to be her age in years. Perhaps it's her age in weeks or months? The blanket has a border of 8's on it.
Panel Two: The prime number sequence continues, these are the primes 101, 103, 107.
Panel Three: Agatha undresses for bed. She shows up at the end of the book in this underwear.

Page Forty-Eight:
Panel One: The Doctor's book is labeled: "Medical Log".
Panel Five: Omar von Zinzer is declared dead.

Page Forty-Nine:
Panel One: Dr. Beetle is spoken of in the present tense. Apparently, it's not yet common knowledge that he's dead.
Panel Five: We learn that Agatha's brooch is a mechanism. A clank? A dingbot?

Page Fifty:
Panels One thru Five : Moloch thinks Agatha's brooch killed Omar. Did it? In any case, he thinks she "turned it on" to do so.
Panel Four: Moloch's beer is labeled: "Beetle Beer".
Panel Six: The brooch does say what Moloch says it says.
Panel Seven: Molochs room number is 7B. Wasn't that Seinfeld's apartment?

Page Fifty-One:
Panel One: First appearance of Barry Heterodyne. The bottle is labeled: "Mom's Extra Robot Oil".
From Folenzo: "Mom's Extra Robot Oil", may be a reference to the TV show "Futurama", where this product is widely available. Also, note that "robot" is not used in this series, but "clank". "Robot" was coined in Karel Capek's 1920 play "R.U.R".
Panels One thru Three: A flashback to the first time Agatha hummed. Apparently Uncle Barry understands that Agatha's humming means she has the spark.

Page Fifty-Three:
Full page panel: There is a bird's nest and a jug of moonshine in the rafters. The sign on the wall reads: "Turn Off All Devices". The spilled can reads: "Syrup of Lead". The oil can is labeled "Oil". The machine is labeled: "Electro Snorta Scope MK III". The store across the street is "Turnips R Us!" The hand-print on her right hip appears to be a right hand print.