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Issue #13 (online -- "Monster Horse Beastie")

Page One:
Panel One: Lars is on guard duty.
Panel Four: Obviously not your average horsie.

Page Three:
Panel One: Master Payne can do magic???
Panel Five: DEFINITELY not your average horsie.
Panel Six: Agatha was right, Stev is more sophisticated than he appears.
Page Four:
Panels Two thru Five: I'll eventually put names to all of these circus folk. Can anyone translate what she's saying in Panel Three? Babblefish can't translate it.
Page Five:
Panels One thru Three: Xena er, ah, Zeetha to the rescue!
Panel Three: This is just full of surprizes, isn't it? Page Six:
Panel One: Agatha saves the day ...
Panel Two: ... and realizes their secret!