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Issue #11

Inside Front Cover: Cutouts of Chibi Agatha and Chibi Von Pinn.
Inside Back Cover and Outside Back Cover: Jaegermonster tile puzzle.

Pages One:
Full Page Panel: Agatha's dirigible is descending the mountains. Nicely drawn!

Page Three:
Panel Two: One of the items in the broken open weapons locker is another one of those blue ball power sources. Who makes those things?
Panel Three: Agatha's has a weapon, Krosp has a pack.
Panel Six: Krosp asks about the Heterodyne sigil on the weapon. Agatha answers that it was in Lilith's pack. Later on, the circus folk notice a Wulfenbach sigil on the pack. Why can't we see it? Why didn't Agatha and Krosp remove it?

Page Four:
Panel One: Agatha: "Come on, have a sausage." Krosp: "Obviously, I'm not hungry."
Panel Three: Krosp: "We're saus- er, strangers."
Panel Four: Krosp: "When we run out of saus- uh, supplies,"
Panel Five: The sausage on the rock has disappeared. Krosp can't talk because his mouth is full.

Page Five:
Panel Three: Tarzan, er, ah, Krosp has caught a mouse. He seems thrilled that he did it. Is catching mice in the woods that much more difficult than catching mimmoths on the flying castle?
Panel Four: The mouse looks worried.
Panel Five: The mouse is trying to look friendly.
Panel Six: The mouse looks relieved.
Panel Seven: Krosp has bitten the head off the mouse.

Page Six:
Panel Two: First appearance of Balthazar Belloptrix.
Panel Eight: Balt: "Just passing through like cheap beer!" Panel Nine: Balt: "That's what my daddy says. He plays Punch a lot." I wonder how he'd react if he knew Agatha was Punch's adopted daughter.

Page Seven:
Panel One: The Baron's leg is broken by a rivet.
Panel Two: Boris is knocked out by a rivet.
Panel Three: Bangladesh takes one in the stomach.
Panel Five: A Clank is destroyed with three shots.

Page Eight:
Panel One: A sailor is incapacitated.
Panel Two: A Dreen is destroyed which knocks out his controller.
Panel Three: Von Pinn catches the rivet shot at her.
Panel Four: Adam's face is priceless, that wasn't supposed to happen.
Panels Five and Six: Multiple shots at Von Pinn.
Panel Seven: She blocks them all.

Page Nine:
Panel One: Adam punchs Von Pinn.
Panel Two: Von Pinn grabs his arm.
Panel Three: ... and rips it off! Punch's blood is purple?

Page Ten:
Panel One: Von Pinn *kills* Adam. It's been pointed out on the Internet, that if his head is preserved quickly enough, he could be brought back. But will the Baron do that? And does he have the time?
Panel Two: Judy tells Agatha to go to Castle Heterodyne. "It will help you." The castle itself is cognizant?

Page Eleven:
Panel One: Judy throws Agatha to safety. Apparently, she's also a strong construct. By happy co-incidence, Agatha is thrown to the very balcony where the students are hiding. Kolok points out that the tear in Agatha's skirt has shifted from her right to her left in this one panel only.
Panel Two: Von Pinn kills Judy (off-panel), we see Agatha's horror.

Page Twelve:
Panel One: Krosp takes command!
Panel Two: It's pointed out that if Agatha is a Heterodyne, then she and Theo are cousins. Theo says "Wow. I never had any family before. I mean that wasn't dead or missing. Or a head in a jar or something." Who is he being held hostage for? Didn't issue 5, page 132 state that he was the son of The Iron Sheik? The playing cards (which I don't have) have a character who is a head in a jar who hasn't been introduced yet. Are they related? Why does Theo need to be a hostage for someone who can't move? Is that Theo's relative in issue #7, page 9, panel 5? The students have a variety of scavenged weapons. Hezekiah's weapon is a fist on a stick. Krosp states he can pilot an airship. Where did he get trained? What else can he do?

Page Thirteen:
Panel Three: Zulenna states that her family owes everything to the Heterodynes.
Panel Four: Von Pinn has caught up, how?

Pages Fourteen and Fifteen:
Zulenna sacrifices herself to slow down Von Pinn. Von Pinn CANNOT hurt Zulenna. Apparently she's been 'programmed' not to hurt her charges.

Page Sixteen:
Bangladesh kills Zulenna instead. Kolok points out that Bang was empty-handed on the previous page. Where did the second weapon come from? Of course she cheated, she's a pirate queen!

Page Seventeen:
Panel One: And Von Pinn goes beserk!
Panel Five: Kolok notes: "Von Pinn deliberately impales her own hand on Bangladesh's sword and pushes it down to the hilt, where she wraps it around a part of Bangladesh's hand and breaks it. Neither pain or physical damage seem to bother Von Pinn in the least."

Page Eighteen:
Panel Four: Bang pulls out yet another knife. Where is she hiding all these knives? The women are disabled with "D-gas" which apparently works the same as "C-gas". What's the difference? Kolok speculates that the difference between "C-gas" and "D-gas" is how long they knock you out.
Panel Five: The Baron is using a clank as a wheelchair. He's mobile again.

Page Nineteen:
Panel One: Kolok points out that the students don't have as many weapons as they used to.
Panel Four: The children are disabled with more gas. D-gas?

Page Twenty:
Panel One: The large tank is labelled "Warning Gas" The sandbags off the blimp have the Wulfenbach sigil and are labelled "Deposit".
Panel Two The re-appearance of Othar! The last time we saw him, Gil had kicked him out a window!

Page Twenty One:
Panel Two: Othar wants to tell the exciting story of his escape. No one wants to hear it. I'd like to know how he got back to Castle Wulfenbach after being dumped overboard.
Panel Four: Theo says they'll meet up with Agatha in Mechanicsburg. Judy told her to go to Castle Heterodyne. Where is Castle Heterodyne? Kolok replies: "Castle Heterodyne is in Mechanicsburg. In issue zero, page thirteen (The Jagermonsters) it is stated 'Mechanicsburg, the seat of the Heterodynes, was all but destroyed by the Other.' Just in case that wasn't enough of a clue, in issue six, page twelve, panel one, General Goomblast asks Agatha where she is from. She replies Beetleburg. He says 'Really. Dot iz near Mechanicsburg, vere ve iz from.' Agatha responds 'The Heterodynes' home. Of course.'.
Panel Seven: Kolok notes: "Agatha tells Theo that Gil has some sort of invisibility device. She has not made the connection between the invisibility and the blue globe. She is also assuming that Gil will want to join them."

Page Twenty Two:
Panel One: Agatha escapes with Othar and Krosp in a private airship.
Panels Three and Four: Othar sabotaged the main dirigible. "All the experiments in the labs have either been let loose or turned on. And everything's on fire."

Page Twenty Three: Agatha tells Othar she's a spark.
Page Twenty Four: Othar tells Agatha he's out to kill all sparks.
Page Twenty Five: Agatha convinces Othar to make her a partner. Kolok notes that Agatha's ring has re-appeared. It's missing in the earlier pages.
Page Twenty Six: Agatha pushes Othar overboard.

Page Twenty Seven:
Panel One: Othar's shot nearly hits Agatha, and he punctures the balloon.
Panel Two: "I really owe Gil an apology". I love this line.
Panel Four: Krosp spells it out "You're the last of the Heterodyne family. As long as you're around, the Baron and every other major power in Europe will want to control you. And everyone else will either want to follow you-- or kill you."

Page Twenty Eight and Twenty Nine:
Panel One: Krosp tells Agatha "You'll cause trouble just by existing".
Double Page Panel: Agatha replies, "All right then, let's go cause some trouble." Gorgeous drawing of the airship sailing off into the sunset.