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The Secret Blueprints for Volume One

(henceforth referred to as Issue #0)

Inside Covers: The Secret Decoder Wheel for translating encoded messages found in each issue.
Back Cover: Instructions for assembling and using wheel.

This is not actually a story but a text summary of the major characters that will be found in the series. As it's impossible to write a text summary of a text summary without either verging on plagiarism or being useless, I'm simply going to skip over most of this issue. In future annotations, this will be referred to as issue #0.

Each characters name is followed by the great house they hold allegiance to. The Trilobite is the symbol for the Heterodyne House, the Beetle is for Transylvania Polygnostic run by Dr. Beetle, the Flying Castle represents the Airship of House Wulfenbach. The Jagermonsters wear a gargoyle faced brooch. It should be noted that Gil wears an as-yet unidentified brooch at his throat. Possibly his mother's? In addition to the Wulfenbach brooch, Ardsley wears a "pocket watch" on one label and some other piece of jewelry on the other. Whether this is something functional, or something representing his personal family remains to be seen. Not all characters wear a brooch showing their allegiance.

From Folenzo: Girl Genius is not Krosp's first appearance. He appeared several times in the version of "What's New with Phil and Dixie" that appeared in Scrye magazine, although there he was just a flunky. ("Our Master demands your loyalty!. He demands your obedience!" "Does he demand my weekends?" "YES!!" "Boy, he IS evil!"). Also, the mimmoths are a miniature version of the mammoth (from the Magic: The Gathering card) who was the mascot of the Scrye series. He had a name, but my copy of What's New, vol. 3 is lent out.

From Asuka: Gil's buddy / lab assistant's name is a nod to P.J. Wodehouse's "Jeeves" stories. Bertie Wooster was Jeeve's employer / perpetual problem. Rather like how Ardsley gets away with being a lot more than just being Gils "help", he also teases him mercylessly.

From Kolok: You mentioned gil wearing a flying castle brooch on page eleven, but that brooch is on his coat lapel. He is wearing another brooch on his throat. Throughout the series, his coat may be on or off, but the brooch on his throat is always there. It is some stylized geometric art. Presumably, it is from his mother's family, but as we have never seen another like it (so far) there is no family to identify it.

Ardsley Wooster (page seventeen) does wear a flying castle, but also sports what appears to be another brooch on his coat lapel. It is a simple series of horizontal lines, and presumably denotes his family back in England. (There is a clock on his other lapel, but I'm guessing that's just a clock!)

And at the bottom of page 15, from left to right:
Sleipnir OHara, Dr. Rovainen, still unidentified, Dr. Vg, Zoing, Dr. Dimitri.