Girl Genius by Studio Foglio

Annotations by David Salley

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I apologize, but this website has fallen far out-of-date since I started Grad School. I promise that after I graduate, I'll start updating the site again. Thank you to everybody who sent additional annotations that I missed. If anyone else finds something I've missed, send me e-mail.

Girl Genius Online!

The Beginner's Class The Advanced Class
Issue #0 The Secret Blueprints
Issue #1 Prologue
Issue #2 Prologue
Issue #3 Prologue
Issue #4 Steam Engine Time
Issue #5 Steam Engine Time
Issue #6 Adventure, Romance, Mad Science, Tea
Issue #7 A Gaslamp Fantasy
Issue #8 A Gaslamp Fantasy
Issue #9 A Gaslamp Fantasy
Issue #10 A Gaslamp Fantasy
Issue #11 A Gaslamp Fantasy
Issue #12 A Gaslamp Fantasy
Issue #13 A Gaslamp Fantasy
Monster Horse Beastie
Everybody's Sparky!
On The Road
Hanging Jagers in Town
The Heterodyne Play
Trouble at the Town Gate
Vol. 5
Agatha's Bad Plan
Jagermonster Join the Circus
Lars Falls in Love
Krosp Meets Moxana
The Clank in the Woods
The Silverodean is Repaired
Agatha Meets Moxana
Agatha vs. the Jaegers
Balan's Gap
Off to the Palace
A Handy and Enlightening Recap
The Lady's Chapel
The Circus is Sent Away
The Royal Children's Lab
In the Dungeons
Lucretia the Goddess
The Storm King
The Real Rescue Party
Lucretia Greets Her Priestesses
Back to Castle Wulfenbach! Woohoo!
Klaus is REALLY Mad
She's ALIVE!
First Page of Vol. 6
DuPree is Brought up to Speed
Agatha Wakes Up
The Rescue Party at Work
Tarvek Gets a Brief Rest
The Rescue Party in the Deepdown
Short Story Break: "Personal Trainer"
Tarvek Shoots his Big Fat Mouth Off
Anevka and Selnikov
Agatha's Backup
An Airship is Spotted
The Rescue Party Rescued
Glowy Monsters
Other Slavers 01
Other Slavers 02
The Moat Comes Down
Unanswered Questions