Sweet Measure
Redaction by THL Dagonell 

Douce Ame.  Take gode cowe mylke and do it in a pot.  Take parsel, sawge, 
ysope, savray and oother gode herbes.  Hewe hem, and do hem in the mylke and 
seeth hem.  Take capons half yrosted and smyte hem on pecys and do thereto 
pynes and hony clarified.  Salt it and color it with safron and serve it forth.

Sweet Measure: Take good cow milk and do it in a pot.  Take parsley, sage,
hyssop, savory, and other good herbs.  Dice them and do them in the milk
and seeth it.  Take capons half roasted and cut them to pieces and thereto
add pine nuts and clarified honey.  Salt it and color it with saffron and 
serve it forth.
2  lb. boneless chicken breast
 cup flour
salt and pepper to taste
1  cup milk
 cup honey
1  tablespoon dried parsley
1  teaspoon sage
1  teaspoon rosemary
1  teaspoon thyme
1  teaspoon savory
1  teaspoon marjoram
2  tablespoons pine nuts

In a one-gallon freezer bag, add flour and salt and pepper to taste.  Add 
several pieces of chicken at a time, seal and shake to coat the pieces.  In a 
large lightly oiled saucepan, brown the pieces until lightly browned on both 
sides.  Turn as needed.  In a bowl, combine milk, honey and herbs.  Pour the 
mixture over the chicken.  Add pine nuts.  Cover and simmer for twenty minutes.  Serve over rice.