Roots in Honey by THL Dagonell
from The Goodman of Paris, p.296

"Towards All Saint's Day [Nov. 1st] take large turnips and peel them and cut 
them into four pieces and set them to cook in water; and when they have been 
cooking for a short while, take them out and put them in cold water to make 
them tender, and then set them to drain; and take honey and melt it as you 
did for the nuts, and be careful not to cook your turnips too long. "

"Item. At the season of All Saints, you shall take as many carrots as you 
will, and scrape them well and cut them into pieces, and cook them like the 
turnips. (Carrots be red roots which be sold in handfuls in the market, for 
a silver penny a handful.)"

1 large rutabega (~1-1/2 lb)
1-1/2 lbs baby carrots
8 oz honey

Peel and dice the rutabega. Boil the rutabega and carrots until tender. Rinse 
in cold water. Drain. Add honey, stir well to coat all the roots. Serve hot 
or cold.

Our October shire pot-luck fell on Oct 30th this year, so I decided this was 
the perfect time to try this recipe. It got a few complements. I think it 
would make a good feast dish, quick to prepare, cheap, fairly tasty and