TO DRESS PARSNEPS (The Closet Opened, pg 190)
Scrape well three or four good large roots, cleansing well their outside,
and cutting off as much of the little end as in Fibrous, and of the great
end as is hard.  Put them in a possnet or pot, with about a quart of Milk
upon them, or as much as will cover them in boiling, which do moderately,
til you find they are very tender.  This may be in an hour and half,
sooner or later, as the roots are of a good kind.  Then take them out,
and scrape all the outside into a pulpe, ie the pulpe of roasted apples,
which put in a dish upon a chafinig dish of Coals, with a little of the
Milk, you boiled them in, put to them; not so much as to drown them, but
only to imbibe them : and then with stewing, the pulpe will imbibe all 
that Milk. When you see it is drunk, and stew that, till it be drunk in.
Continue doing thus till it hath drunk in a good quantity of the Milk, 
and is well swelled with it, and will take in no more, which may be in a
good half hour.  Eat them so, without Sugar or Butter; for they will have
a natural sweetness, that is beyond sugar, and will be Unctuous, so as 
not to need Butter.

Parsneps (raw) cut into little pieces, is the best food for tame Rabets,
and makes them sweet.  As Rice (raw) is for tame Pigeons, and they like
it best, varying it sometimes with right tares and other seeds.

1 lb parsnip roots (~3)
1 quart milk
1 cup milk

Peel parsnips as if they were carrots.  Cut off both ends.  I cut them in
large pieces so they would fill the bottom of the pot better.  Add to pot.
Cover with one quart milk.  Simmer for 30 minutes.  This should just about
use up all of the milk.  The parsnips will now have the consistency of a
boiled potato.  Take them out and mash them like potatoes.  Add them back 
into the pot and cover with 1 cup milk.  Simmer for five minutes.  Serve
hot.  They will be somewhat sweet.  Serves 2 -4 as a feast side dish.