Onion Tart by THL Dagonell

From Ancient Cookery [15th Cent.]
Tart on Ember-Day (pg.448)
Parboyle onions, and sauge, and parsel, and hew hom small, then take
gode fatte cheese, and bray hit, and do therto egges, and tempur hit up
therwith, and do therto butter and sugur, and raisynges of corance, and 
pouder of ginger, and of canell, medal all this well togedur, and do hit
in a coffyn, and bake hit uncoveret, and serve hit forthe.

Parboil onions and sage and parsely, cut them small, then take good fat
cheese and grate it, and do thereto eggs, and temper it up therewith,
and do thereto butter and sugar and currants and powdered ginger and
cinnamon, meddle this all well together, and do it in a pie-shell and
bake in uncovered and serve it forth.

2-lb bag of onions
2 t dried sage
1 c parsely
8 oz cream cheese
8 oz sharp cheddar cheese
6 eggs
6 T butter
1 T sugar
6 T raisens
1/2 t powdered ginger
1 t cinnamon
2 8" pie-shells

Bake the empty pie shells at 400* for ten minutes.  Peel and chop the 
entire bag of onion and boil them for ten minutes.  Chop the parsely.
Cut both cheeses into very small pieces.  Mix all ingredients together.
Blend well.  Pour into open pie shells and bake for 40 minutes at 350*
Serve hot.  Makes two pies.

The Dunkirk Center for Peace and Justice was having a potluck for their
summer meeting.  I needed something cheap, relatively effortless and 
filling.  This seemed to fill the bill.  A lot of people praised it and
the first pie entirely disappeared in minutes.  I advertised it as a
"sweet and savory quiche".  It was good, but I'm thinking I can tweak it
into something better still.