Horseradish Sauce
by THL Dagonell

From: The Closet Open'd by Sir Kenhelm Digby (Pg. 151)

Take roots of Horse-radish scraped clean, and lay 
them to soak in fair-water for an hour.  Then rasp 
them upon a Grater, and you shall have them all in
a tender spungy Pap.  Put Vinegar to it, and a very
little Sugar, not so much as to be tasted, but to
quicken (by contrariety) the taste of the other."

1 large horseradish root
1/4 cup vinegar
1 tablespoon sugar

Peel horseradish root.  Cut into large chunks.  
Soak in clean water for one hour.
Scrape on a grater.  Add vinegar and sugar and stir.  
Refrigerate until used.

This was primarily an authenticity experiment.  I 
wanted to do it just once to say that I had done it.
The result came out somewhat coarser than the bottled
stuff, primarily because I used a hand-grater rather
than pureeing it in the blender.  My wife thought it
looked like lye.

The bottled horseradish lists horseradish root, vinegar
and salt as the ingredients.  No sugar.  They taste
about the same.  It was an interesting experiment, but 
I don't think I'll be doing it again.