Original: From The Goodman of Paris, pg. 256 
"Turnips be hard and ill to cook until they have been in the cold and frost;
you cut off the head and tail and other hairs or roots, then scrape and
wash them in two or three cauldrons of hot -- very hot -- water, then cook
them in hot meat sewe, be it of pig, beef or mutton.

Item, in Beauce after cooking them, they cut them up into slices
and fry them in a pan and cast spice powder over them."

3 turnips
1/2 cup water
2 Tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon "spice powder"

Store bought turnips are already cleaned and scraped.  Slice them thinly.
Nuke them in a half cup of water to soften them. Drain.  Sprinkle with spice 
powder.  Fry them in olive oil.  Goodman lists a recipe for spice powder 
earlier in the book, 2 teaspoons of ginger, one each of cinnamon, cloves, 
grains of paradise and sugar.  Grains of Paradise is the seed of a plant in 
the ginger family.  It's commercially available and a tad expensive, so I 
used cardamom with a pinch of pepper.  I liked them.  They sort of reminded
me of a chewy potato chip.  My wife didn't care for them, she said they 
tasted too strong and wondered if multiple boiling would make them more
palatable.  Serves two as a side dish.