Black Forest Mead
I found a recipe for chocolate mead and decided to try it.  I started decanting 
it this weekend to bottle it for Harvest Raid.  It was definitely chocolate 
flavored, but it still had a sharp, bitter aftertaste.  My wife suggested 
sweetening it with cherry juice, not the stuff you give your kids, the 
concentrate straight out of the bottle.  I now have chocolate-covered 
cherry-flavored honey wine.  Dear ghods, this stuff is liquid panty remover! :)
My wife suggested Black Forest Mead would be a better name, as in 
Black Forest Cake.  Harvest Raid is going to be fun!

Dagonell's Black Forest Mead
1 gallon honey
4 gallons water
1 pound cocoa powder
1 package champagne yeast
1 quart black cherry juice concentrate

Heat the water enough to dissolve the honey in.  Don't let it boil.  I live 
on a farm, my water comes from a well, no chlorine, fluorides, etc.  My honey 
comes from the beekeeper literally across the street from me, no additives, 
no preservatives, etc.  I have very little impurities to deal with.  If you 
are using tapwater and commercial honey, all the impurities will come to the 
top as foam.  Remove as much foam as possible.

Pour the honey water into a 5-gallon carbhoy.  Add the cocoa powder to the 
carbhoy.  Let cool.   Add the yeast when the mixture is still warm, but not 
hot.  Let ferment for one year.  Yes, one year!  You need to give it time for 
the bitter taste of the chocolate to settle out.  Add one quart of cherry 
juice concentrate.  Mix well.  Let cocoa powder re-settle to bottom of 
carbhoy.  Bottle.