Game of the Month:
Carry My Lady to London

by Dagonell the Juggler

In this game two children cross hands, grasping each other's wrists and their own as well: they thus form a seat on which a third child can sit and be carried about. At the same time they sing the verses listed below.

This was more of a pastime than a game. It was non-competitive and there was no scoring. The idea was simply to see how far you could carry the third person. In medieval Germany, this game was also known as "Carrying Angels". The illustration is from Brueghel's painting, "Children's Games".

From Alice Gomme:
"I.  Give me a pin to stick in my thumb
     To carry my lady to London.
     Give me another to stick in my other
     To carry her a little bit farther.

II.  London Bridge is broken
     And what shall I do for a token?
     Give me a pin to stick in my thumb
     And carry my lady to London.

III. Give me a pin to stick in my chin
     To Carry my lady to London
     London Bridge is broken down
     And I must let my lady down.


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