Your Group's Name Here

Words by : Yaakov HaMizrachi (Harold Feld)
Tune of : Your State's Name Here by Peter & Lou Berryman

Sometimes the sound of a sword striking shield
Or the pageantry shown in a court or the field
Will call forth a memory, cherished and dear
It's the place I call home [your group's name here]

No maidens are fairer, no laurels more wise
No pelicans suffer with as many sighs
No brewers can cook up a mead or a beer
That tastes half as good as in [your group's name here]

                Ah [your group's name here], Ah [again]
                Ah what folk!
                Who make you feel welcome with song, drink or joke.
                Did ever such chivalry shine bright and clear
                As shown by the people of [your group's name here]

The heavies will fight 'til they sweat and they stink
Then guzzle down gallons of [group's favorite drink]
They practice and struggle to learn how to fight
With love pats from [name local master or knight]

The fencers will equally fight 'til they drop
and all dress as pretty as [name local fop]
Our archers can slay any heavy too proud
[For use in those kingdoms where this is allowed]

                Ah [your group's name here], Ah [again]
                What a troop!
                The warrior forces that come from [your group]
                Our allies rejoice and our foemen know fear
                At the sight of the banners of [your group's name here]

And off the listfield, the courtly grace flows.
As [name of your own local dancemaster] knows
The revels, the feasting, the air of romance!
As everyone dances to [group's favorite dance]

At night 'round the campfire the oldtimers sing
Of the time when [inside joke involving the king]
Or warn you to keep you sheep clear of the spot
Where you find the camp of [your group's local Scot]

                Ah [your group's name here], Ah [again]
                They're the best!
                And have been since founded in [something] A.S.
                So let voices ring out with [your kingdom's cheer]
                For the folk and traditions of [your group's name here]

And though I must roam I still long to return
To the hearth where the fire of chivalry burns
No matter the season or time of the year
I know I'll be welcome in [your group's name here]

Oh whisper it soft as a song to my ear
[Your groups name here, your group's name here]
Let the bards of the world sing its various charms
And praise to [the blazon of your home group's arms]

                Ah [your group's name here], Ah [again]
                What a spot!
                The finest location since old Camelot
                How I long to return there, Please pardon this tear
                My poor heart is aching for [your group's name here]

Copyright 1994 by Harold Feld, 11235 Oakleaf Dr. #817, Silver Spring, MD 20901. Permission to cross-post granted. Permission to reprint in any Society publication granted, but the author would really like a copy if you do.

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