(Yet Another "Mom" Song)

Words by : Dagonell the Juggler
Tune of : Mame

Who makes us come in out of the rain? MOM!
Who has the cures for all of our pain? MOM!
Who makes us bowls of hot beef stew,
And chocolate that's still steaming in the mug?
Who cheers us when we're down and blue,
Who always around to give a hug? MOM!

Who's the one we all want to please? MOM!
Whose closet looks like Fibber McGee's? (**) MOM!
Who makes the world a warmer place,
Who brightens up the room when she's around?
Who wears a smile upon her face,
As she sinks beneath the lost and found? MOM!

Whose cooking are we all fighting for? MOM!
Whose campsite feeds the whole Pennsic War? MOM!
Who's known as "Mz Chat-a-lot",
Whose garb is from a backyard half-price sale?
Who makes us smile and laugh a lot?
Who comes up with cash to pay our bail? MOM!

We think you're just sensational,
tru-ly you're inspirational,
And very conversational, M-O-M-M-M-M-M-M-M!

** -- It was before your time, kid.
          Now, go away boy, you bother me!

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