Waltzing with Bears

Words and Music by: Dr. Seuss

I went upstairs in the middle of the night,
I tiptoed in and I turned on the light,
And to my surprise, there was no one in sight,
My Uncle Walter goes waltzing at night!

                He goes wa-wa-wa-wa, wa-waltzing with bears,
                Raggy bears, shaggy bears, baggy bears too.
                There's nothing on earth Uncle Walter won't do,
                So he can go waltzing, wa-wa-wa-waltzing,
                So he can go waltzing, waltzing with bears!

I gave Uncle Walter a new coat to wear,
When he came home he was covered with hair,
And lately I've noticed several new tears,
I'm sure Uncle Walter goes waltzing with bears!


We told Uncle Walter that he should be good,
And do all the things that we said he should,
But I know that he'd rather be out in the wood,
I'm afraid we might lose Uncle Walter for good!


We begged and we pleaded, Oh please won't you stay!"
We managed to keep him at home for a day,
But the bears all barged in, and they took him away!
Now he's waltzing with pandas, and he can't understand us,
And the bears all demand at least one dance a day!