The Unknown Swordsman

Words by : Dagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake
Tune of : The Unknown Stuntman (The Fall Guy theme)

Now, I don't mean to brag and boast,
But I've crossed swords with Mago.
I've never died to anyone less than a knight. That's right!
Why, I taught Wulfgar sword and shield,
I fought the Bear that beat the Wall.
Why, I've fought Hanno, Hannibal, Hak and Hasdrubal. They fall!
I can fight with single sword, just ask Ogami.
A samurai warrior holds no fear for me.
But the hardest thing I'll ever do, is pack my shining armor,
While some carpet-wearing clown gets an O-T-C. Not me!
I have fought Countess Maurya, and Duke Sir Skippy's Goody Twin,
'Cause I'm the Unknown Swordsman that taught epee to Lord Sym!

I've never died at Pennsic War,
And I've seen battles plenty.
It's true I hire my body out for pay. Hey, hey!
I've beaten Raimund of the Strait,
Fought him just the other day.
Then I beat Milhim whose name I can never say Hey, hey!
It's a mercenary's life I lead, pass me the duct tape.
It's easy making other fighters die.
But the hardest thing I'll ever do, is watch those lovely ladies,
Give their favors to some other guy. Not I!
I can fight off Sir Carthalo, I can take on Bedawyr,
'Cause I'm the Unknown Swordsman that taught Elandris to use a spear!

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