Twa Recruiting Sargeants

Words and Music: Traditional

Twa recruiting sergeants cam frae the Black Watch.
Tae markets and fairs some recruits for tae catch,
But a' that they listed was forty and twa,
So list, bonny laddie and come awa'.

                And it's over the mountains and over the main,
                Through the Gilbraltar tae France and Spain.
                Get a feather tae your bonnet, a kilt abeen your knee,
                Enlist, bonny laddie and come awa wi' me.

O laddie, you dinna ken the danger that you're in
If your horses was tae flag and your ousen was tae rin,
This greedy auld fairmer widna pay your fee,
So list, bonny laddie, and come awa wi' me.

Wi' your tattie poorins, and your meal and kale,
your soor sowan an soorins, and your ill-brewed ale,
Wi' your buttermilk and whey, and your breid fired ra'
O list, bonny laddie, and come awa'.

O laddie if yae hae got a sweetheart and a bairn,
You'll easily be rid o' that ill-spun yairn,
Twa rattles o' the drum and that'll dae it a'
so list, bonny laddie, and come awa'