Thank God For The S.C.A.

Words by : Dagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake
Tune of : Thank God I'm A Country Boy by John Denver

Well, workin' nine to five can get kind of dull,
If it weren't for the SCA, I'd go out of my skull,
But the current middle ages have taken up the lull.
Thank God for the S.C.A.

                Well, I got me a fine sword, got my big shield,
                And I'm goin' out to fight, out there on the field,
                Gonna fight 'til die, never gonna yield.
                Thank God for the S.C.A.

When the summer comes around, its off to the War,
Gonna camp, gonna party, gonna fight until I'm sore,
Gonna dance until the dawn, then party some more.
Thank God for the S.C.A.


Now I'd make garb all day if I could,
But the Sen'chal and the BOD wouldn't take it very good,
So, I sew when I can, make reports when I should.
Thank God for the S.C.A.


When the weather turns cold, its time for the crown,
Gonna find myself a lady, gonna knock opponents down,
Gonna fight a battle royal 'til they hand me the crown.
Thank God for the S.C.A.


Note : In order for the song to scan correctly, "SCA" is pronounced 'skah', while "S.C.A." is pronounced 'ess-cee-ay'.

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