Spearmaid's Lament

Words by : Arianna of Wynthrope
Tune of : Hiring Fair by The Irish Rovers

When I joined House Elandris,
Oh, What do you think they said?
"Here's some armour for your body,
And a helmet for your head.
We need some spears for melees -
You look like you'll do fine."
But I didn't realize that they had,
Kicking rears in mind!

                You're welcome to Elandris,
                And you're with a decent band,
                What little I knew what I'd have to do,
                For Morgan and her clan.

Well I went to fighting practice,
And there was taught to spar.
A little bit of half-speed drill,
With spear can take you far.
It all seemed rather easy,
The moves weren't hard at all,
Until the spear that pierced my gut,
Held by an elf-maid tall.


I qualified and went to War,
And there we had such fun.
You can't know just how it feels -
Black armour in the sun...
We marched 'til sweat ran down our backs,
Got resurrected twice.
Oh, Pennsic ain't no picnic, boys,
But winning sure feels nice!