For several years, The Barony of the Rhydderich Hael had an annual Border War with their neighbor to the north, The Barony of Rising Waters. The battle was over property rights to the Niagara River which runs between them. The winners would get the venison from Deer Island, the losers got the fish from the river itself. In reality, neither side got anything, Deer Island is a government sanctuary and the river is too polluted to eat the fish. However, the theme of fish vs. venison was used throughout the event.

The archery contest had a mannequin in garb sitting in a landed boat that was surrounded by foam rubber fish hanging from the trees. Points were scored for hitting the fish, the smaller the fish, the more points it was worth. Points were taken away for hitting "Oleg" the fisherman or his boat. The then-current chronicler, nicknamed "Scoop", hit the mannequin right in the crotch! :-) The archery marshalls razzed Scoop by having someone in Oleg's garb walk into court and present him with the lethal arrow.

I wrote this song at the third annual event between court and bardic campfire, roughly an hour. The verses contain various references to the day's events.

Sour Venison

Words by : Dagonell the Juggler
Tune of : Barbary Cross ( aka Moose, Sheep, Abuse, etc.)
        Alt. Tune : Sweet Betsy From Pike

                Fish, Fish, I like my fish.
                I've never had anything quite like a fish.
                I've had many meals and most were delish,
                But I've never had anything quite like a fish.

Now dining on venison gets you the gout.
For a healthier diet, you can't beat a trout.
It keeps us all healthy, It keeps us all fit.
So we eat our fish for the pure halibut.


Our fisherman's Oleg and we pay him scale.
He sells all his fish to the Rhydderich Hael.
Schools of bluegill and bass by the score,
As long as the Scoop's far away from the shore.


We never carp about not eating deer.
For 'though we keep losing wars year after year,
We do it on porpoise, we do it for fun,
So we can sing songs using horrible pun.


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