Seventy Six Shields

Words by : Dagonell the Juggler
Tune of : Seventy Six Trombones from The Music Man

Seventy-six shieldmen led the big melee,
With a hundred and ten spearmen right behind,
Followed by rows and rows of pole-arms throwing blows,
At their rival's failing shield line!

Seventy-six battered shields caught the morning sun,
But, of dented helms, not a one!
More than a thousand lords did their talking with their swords
As they drove their foe-men on the run!

There were war-hammers, and florentines, and maces too,
Hammering, bammering, up and down the line.
Any rival kings they saw were cut in two,
Princes too, As they held that line!

Seventy-six shieldmen killed off all the knights.
While a hundred and ten spearmen got the rest.
Which only shows when it comes to trading blows,
That our migh-ty army is the best! (Yelled) Hey!

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