The Rialto Alphabet

Words by : Eric the Fruitbat
A.K.A. : Paul Sleigh (

A is Authenticity, the tool of evil nazi gripes;
B is for the Brewing guilds, who talk of ale and mead;
C is for the Costuming, to show we're artsy-fartsy types;
D is David Eddings books, that SCAdians all read;
E is Educational, the thing we ought to try to be;
F is Fun and Frollicking, the thing we'd rather do;
G is for the Gossiping, that happens (tho it wasn't me!);
H is for Historical, that (sometimes) happens too;
I is for Imperial, the title chosen by the BoD;
J is for a bunch of Jerks -- which thank the Lord they're not!
K is for the mighty Knights, whose attitudes are fairly odd;
L is for the sneaky Lights, a mad and cunning lot;
M is Music, loud and sweet -- how sad the net is textual;
N is Noise -- it's also loud, but not as quick to please;
O is Out, which many are (that means they're homosexual);
P is Prince, who can't be gay, Corpora's rule decrees;
Q is Queen, upon whose head a thousand judgements all descend;
R is Right, which everyone is sure their judgements are;
S is Sex, a common thread, which isn't hard to comprehend;
T is for Taboo -- that's sex, in old Mundania;
U is Urgent, mostly pleas, from folks who need to find a name;
V is Vague, the answers found, except for Heather Rose;
W is Wondering, is this hobby or a game;
X is Xenophobia, which no-one round here knows;
Y is Yaakov, Jewish Sage, whose name in all our hearts belongs; and
Z is Ziffram, Edward, Knight, who writes a lot of lovely songs.

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