Pennsic War

Words by : Andrew MacRobb
Tune of : Scarborough Fair

Are you going to the Pennsic War?
Wine and beer and whiskey and mead,
The East and the Middle have it once more,
We can fill your every need.

Who have gone to past Pennsic Wars?
Mead and beer and whiskey and wine,
Lords and Ladies and letchers and whores,
Something for everyone here you'll find.

What will happen at the Pennsic War?
Wine and mead and beer and whiskey,
Fighting and feuding, blood, guts, and gore,
Just what you need when feeling friskey.

Now you've been to the Pennsic War,
Wine and mead and whiskey and beer,
You're drenched to the skin, bruised, battered and sore,
You'll be sure to come back next year!!

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