Pastyme With Good Companye

Words and Music : King Henry VIII of England

Pastime with good company
I love and shall until I die.
Grudge who lust, but none deny;
So God be pleas'd, thus live will I;
For my pastance,
Hunt sing and dance;
My heart is set
All goodly sport
For my comfort;
Who shall me let?

Youth must have some dalliance
Of good or ill some pastance;
Company methinks then best
All thoughts and fancies to digest,
For idleness
Is chief mistress
Of vices all;
Then who can say
But mirth and play
Is best of all?

Company with honesty
Is virtue, vices to flee;
Company is good and ill,
But everyman hath his free will.
The best ensue,
The worst eschew,
My mind shall be;
Virtue to use,
Vice to refuse,
Thus shall I use me.

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