Paint Me Black

Words by : Baron Svid & Syr Andreas Hak
Tune of : Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones

I saw an army charging, they were all in black;
No colors anywhere when they charged all in black.
Even the women there wore all the darkest clothes,
And you know how the darkness sweeps down on its foes.

I saw these crazty people charge all in black.
When they come charging there's no time for turning back.
I think it's the clothes they wear that makes them fight that way.
If I get painted black will I kick ass all day?

I swear, inside I'm one of them, I'm painted black.
Look at my gear, it would look so good painted black.
I'd fit so well in their line; I could be so mean.
When I am pinted black like them I can't be seen.

I saw a team of soldiers armoured all in black.
How quickly the sky turns dark when they charge all in black.
If they keep growing, soon the world will look like hell.
When everyone joins in and they're all black as well.

I saw an army swarming, they were all in black.
I'd love to join them, Morgan, won't your paint me black?
Must be the clothes you wear that makes you fight that way.
Paint me black soon so I can join in on the fray.