Good Night Minstrel Boy

Words by : Yaakov HaMizrachi (Harold Feld)
Tune of : The Minstrel Boy by Thomas Moore

The Minstrel from the event has gone
In his warm soft bed you will find him.
The Bardic circle has carried on
But he left all that behind him.
Songs of SCA and Strum and Drang
They sang until the dawning.
But the Minstrel Boy didn't give a dang
He was tired of singing while yawning.

The Minstrel Boy they have called him names
Like weakling, wimp and girly.
But the Minstrel don't play those macho games
It's no shame to go to bed early.
Said the Minstrel Boy "I must take my leave,
Though I quit you all with sorrow.
Still I think I shall have no cause to grieve
When I wake up *rested* tomorrow!"

Copyright 1994 by Harold Feld, 11235 Oakleaf Dr. #817, Silver Spring, MD 20901. Permission to cross-post granted. Permission to reprint in any Society publication granted, but the author would really like a copy if you do.