Sonnet of William the Marshall
by Lord Dagonell Collingwood
Personal Bard to Prince Morguhn
(Based on a true story)
Listen to my tale, a knight bold and brave,
Who risked his own life, his leige lord to save.
William the Marshall, an oath he did give,
To face Phillip's men that Henry might live.

Now William stayed back, whilst Henry did run,
But King Phillip's man, was Henry's own son!
Richard the Lion Heart, led Phillip's own band,
And charged 'gainst William, his sword in his hand.

The king's eldest son, the Marshall can't kill.
But he was a knight of consid'rable skill.
He spared Richard's life and slew the count's horse.
Stopped Richard's chase, without deadly force.

Count Richard forgave King Henry's knight
For William did only what he knew was right.

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