The Hen Party Song

Words by : Sir Alric Bowbreaker of the High March
Tune of : Lish Young Buy-a-broom

As I was a-traveling, to see what I could see,
I found myself in Rhydderich Hael, a party place to be,
There were troops of men from Carthage, a token samurai,
And a flock of lovely ladies that were giving me the eye.

                CHORUS :
                And they were loud, not too proud, and I'm sorry for to say,
                It was the Rhydderich Hael Hens that led me astray.

There was Etta and Jacquetta, their model was petite,
And Megryth and Akiley, the cruisers of the fleet,
And the pair they call the Henschels, those proper German maids,
With their appetites like buzzsaws and their tongues like dagger blades.


I sat myself beside them and I offered them some brew:
It was taken in a second and it vanished within two.
They were all a-passing bottles, draining them to dregs,
And every time a lord walked part, they scored him on his legs.


With one thing and another, it got very drunk outside.
If we had inhibitions left, 'twas then and there they died.
There was nothing holding back, boys, we pulled out all the stops,
And I think that I saw Raven tearing garters off of fops.


Now the ending of the party, it happened just this way:
They said that I was one of them, and told me I should stay.
But me not being willing to put up with Mikhail,
Here's a health unto the bonny girls of Beau Fleuve and the Hael.

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