Hasdrubal's Song

Words by : Alric Bowbreaker
Tune of : Wabash Canonball

Listen to the jingle, the rumble and the roar,
As he walks the tourney field up to his hips in gore,
He bears a coal-black shield and he's quite well known by all,
You can find no equal to Barak Sir Hasdrubal.

From the broad Atlantic Ocean, to the bloody Pennsic War,
From sunny Dinas Moryn, to boggy-bound Thescorre,
As he steps out on the field, hear the dying foemen call,
"Say goodbye to living, here comes Sir Hasdrubal."

The Northern knights are dandy, so the Northern people say,
The Southern knights are gentlemen, way down Atlantia way,
But out in the Western Marshes, they have one to meet them all,
The pride of House Elandris, Barak Sir Hasdrubal.

Oh, he fights with sword and shield, and sometimes just with sword,
And sometimes with a polearm, to keep from getting bored,
If it's bigger than a toothpick, you can see opponents fall,
He's worse than the bubonic, the lord Sir Hasdrubal.

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