Galway Bay Parody

Words by : Noel Henry's Irish Showband
Tune of : Galway Bay

Maybe someday I'll go back again to Ireland,
If only my ex-wife would pass away,
Sure, she has me poor heart broke with all her naggin'
And she has a mouth as big as Galway Bay.

See her drinking sixteen pints of Arthur Guiness,
And when the barman says, "It's time to go.",
Sure, she wouldn't answer him in Gaelic,
But in a language that the clergy do not know.

See her drinking sixteen pints of finest Guiness,
And then her walking home without a sway,
If the sea were beer instead of salty water,
There'd be nothing left but foam by Galway Bay.

Now her face is like a pork-chop chopped in pieces,
Her hair is like a rick of last year's hay,
And her nose is like the lighthouse out in Claddagh,
That guides the sailors in by Galway Bay.

On her back she has tattooed a map of Ireland,
And when she takes a bath on Saturday,
Sure, she scrubs the Ivory Soap around by Claddagh,
Just to watch the suds roll down by Galway Bay.

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