First, an explanation. Yes, I know the song stinks, it was intended to. The Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands held a contest for the best/worst song (dis)honoring their three "evil" peers, Betram, Ellisif and Yohann. There's a long-winded explanation as to WHY they're evil peers, but I won't go into it. ;-) Needless to say, as a contest entry, I simply couldn't resist the title and there's only so much I could do within those limitations. -- Dagonell

The Evil Peers Polka

Words by : Dagonell the Juggler
Tune of : Roll Out The Barrel

In AEth-el-mearc-land,
We have three peers who are bad,
In AEth-el-mearc-land,
We have bad peers and we're sad.

We want a kingdom,
But we'll ne-ver get us a crown,
No, we'll ne-ver be a kingdom,
With three bad peers around!

Ber-tram and Jo-hann,
And Ell-isif are bad peers.
A list of their sins would,
Re-duce a strong man to tears!

We want a kingdom,
But our chance grows smaller each day!
No, we'll ne-ver be a kingdom,
'Til those peers move away!

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