The Old Dun Cow

Words and Music by: Traditional

Some friends and I in a public house
Was playin' Dominoes one night
When into the room a fireman came,
his face all chalky-white.
"What's up?" says Brown, "Have you seen a ghost?
Have you seen your Aunt Mariah?"
"Oh me Aunt Mariah be bugged," says he,
"The bleedin' pub's on fire!"
"Oh," says Brown, "What a bit o' luck,
everybody follow me.
It's down to the cellar, if the fire's not there,
Oh, we'll have a grand old spree."
So we all went down with good old Brown
And the booze we could not miss
We hadn't been there ten minutes or more
'Til we were quite like this ----

                There was Brown, upside down,
                A moppin' up the whiskey on the floor
                "Booze, booze!", the fireman cried
                As they come a-knockin' at the door. (thump thump)
                "Oh, don't let 'em in 'til it's all mopped up."
                Somebody shouted "MacIntyre!" (MacIntyre!)
                And we all got blue-blind, paralytic drunk,
                When the Old Dun Cow caught fire.
Then Smith run over to the portwine tub
And gave it a few hard knocks (Thump thump)
Started takin' off his pantaloons, likewise his shoes and socks.
"Hold on," says Brown, "That ain't allowed.
You can't do that there here.
Don't go washin' your trotters in the portwine tub
When we got Guinness's beer!"


And then there came a mighty crash,
Half the bloody roof caved in.
We was drowned in the firemen's hose,
Though we were almost .... happy.
So we got some tacks and old wet sacks,
And we tacked ourselves inside.
And we sat there getting bleary-eyed drunk
When the Old Dun Cow caught fire.

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