Down at the Pennsic

Words by: Dagonell the Juggler
Tune of: Down on the Corner by Credence Clearwater Revival

Early in the mornin', just about breakfast time,
Over by the tourney field, they're laying out the lines,
Settin' up the eric, two hundred yards or more,
And when the marshalls cry 'Lay on!', there's gonna be a war!

                Down at the Pennsic, we're gonna have a war,
                We're gonna have a battle of a thousand men or more.

You don't need no leather, you don't need no mail.
Just grab yourself a carpet boy, and line it with a pail.
We'll lend you a helmet, a stick of old rattan,
Then march yourself out to the field, and fight the best you can.


Fighting in the daytime, party after dark.
People come from all around just to play in AEthelmearc.
We'll show them a good time, when the battle ends,
'Cause win or lose, or even draw, we're playing with our friends.

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