Counting Cadence

Words by : el Senor Alfredo el Bufon (Edward Q. Hopkins)
Tune of : Counting Cadence (U.S. Army Marching Song)

How do you know which son's the heir?
Check the label; it says there.

How is Number Two Son dressed?
There's a crescent on his crest.

What charge has the third son worn?
On his sheild a star is borne.

What sign stands for Number Four?
Martlets never stand; they soar.

What mark does the fifth son get?
He must get an annulet.

Que meuble indique le sixieme fils?
Certainement la fleur-de-lys.

You know how the next one goes.
The seventh son must wear a rose.

Tell me how the eighth son fares.
Moline is the cross he bears.

Name now what the ninth receives.
An octofoil with eight leaves.

Now you know your cadency,
Next time won't you sing with me?

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