Come Free, Damned Chastity Belt

Words by : The Odd Celts of St. Golias
Tune of : Chastity Belt

                Come free, damned chastity belt
                Keepin' me from where I wanna go
                Come free, damned chastity belt
                Quick before her husband comes home

I gazed at her body, an' what did I see
Keepin me from where I wanna be
That cruel contraption lookin' back at me
Where did he hide that key!


I searched high and low for that damned key
where in the hell could it be?
I've got a hard on stiff as a tree
I've got to get that damned thing free!!


I looked out the window and over the lea
Past the cliff out leagues three
Her husbands vessel comin' in from sea
Pretty soon I'll have to flee


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