Mighty Casey

by Edmound Bernhard
(With apologies to Ernest Lawrence Thayer)

The field was terribly vicious
For the tourney list that day
A Baby Knight from Ansteorra
Seemed poised to have his way

So when Jago was one-shotted
And Bertrond had lost both arms
A mood of deep depression
Fell over the Outlands Charms

The lesser fighters bereft of lives
Made way back to the camp
But the older Outlands fighters
Would stay to see the champ

They said "If only Casey
Had had a chance to fight
We'd have a chance to win our luck
Against this Rhino-Hide

Then suddenly their eyes lit up
A cry rose from their Lords
It echoed off the polearms
It rattled off the swords

It rumbled through the valley
Where Outlandish fighters healed
For Casey, Mighty Casey
Was about to take the field

His helm was brightly shining
His leathers richly tanned
His breastplate layered titanium
(Which cost him half a grand)

The shield upon his mighty arm
Was golden from afar
Between his teeth he coolly clenched
A really good cigar

The Outlands fighters now revived
Together in one light
Would cheer the mighty Casey on
In this, his greatest fight

There was ease in Caseys manner
As his new opponent met
His hands were steady as a rock
His brow was free of sweat

"One quick blow" he murmured
As he looked up to the sky
Then bowing only to his Queen
He launched into the fight

The cool is drained from Caseys face
His eyes are hard and keen
And all along his sun-drenched brow
Great furrows can be seen

And now he calmly grips his sword
And now he makes his throw
And Now The Air Is SHATTERED
By the force of Caseys blow

Oh somewhere in the Knowne Worlde
There is a Happy Place
Where Gentle Lords and Ladies
Lie oblivious in their grace

But there is no joy in the Outlands
Upon this sultry night
For the foe of Mighty Casey
Has called his great blow "Light"

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