Yet Another Morgan Song (Black Leather Band)

Words and Music by : Sir Alric Bowbreaker of the High March

In a far corner of the East Kingdom,
A place that they call Cooper's Lake,
The East and the Mid come together,
The thirst of their weapons to slake.
Each year the all the fighters go hither,
The best to be found in the land.
And some of the come from the Rhydderich Hael,
And they call them the Black Leather Band.

                Her eyes, they glittered like rivets,
                She had a long spear in her hand,
                And her name it was Morgan Elandris,
                Commanding the Black Leather Band.

When I went to fight in the Pennsic,
A trebuchet strapped to my car,
I met with a 6 foot 2 elf maid,
Applying her trade, which was war.
Her spear slipped around past my shield,
And I fell before their advance.
They've the biggest damn feet in the known world,
Those clods in the Black Leather Band.


The marshals at last gaffed my body,
Just so that the roadway was clear,
And I joined up with some of my comrades,
Who also had felt a long spear.
We wanted to know who had killed us,
We asked, "Who's this bloodthirsty clan?"
And they said, "We're the House of Elandris,
And they call the Black Leather Band."


So come all ye jolly young heroes,
I'll have you take warning by me:
If you're facing a solid black shield wall,
Your best bet right then is to flee.
For they'll pound you like herbs in a mortar,
Till you are not able to stand,
And the damned woman just stands there smiling,
So the hell with her Black Leather Band.