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Key: If the author's name is in red, it's a serious song. If the author's name is in blue, it's a silly song or filk. If it's in green, it's an Irish "traditional". Additional hint: Anything written by Dagonell Collingwood is serious, while anything written by Dagonell the Juggler is silly. Enjoy!


All for Me Grog Traditional
All Around My Hat Traditional
To Anacreon in Heaven by Ralph Tomlinson Esq.& John Stafford Smith
A.S. 64 by Caerwoulf
The Ash Grove Traditional
A Tourneyin' by Andrew MacRobb
Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns (1759-1796)
Autocrat's Solution by Dagonell the Juggler


The Baron of the Rhydderich Hael by Dagonell the Juggler
Barret's Privateers by Stan Rogers
Beer Drinker's Prayer
The Birthday Dirge SCA Traditional
The Black Leather Band by Sir Alric Bowbreaker of the High March
The Black Velvet Band Traditional
A Bottle of the Best by Jack Foley
The Braver Man by Dagonell Collingwood
Brennan on the Moor Traditional


Caledonia by Dougie McClean
The Campbells are Coming by Robert Burns
Chastity Belt by Anonymous
The Chemist's Drinking Song by John A. Carroll
Christmas in Killarney by Traditional
Clement's Doggerel Contest by Dagonell the Juggler
Cold Iron by Rudyard Kipling & Leslie Fish
Cold Plastic by Leric Speltighe
Come Free Damned Chastity Belt by The Odd Celts of St. Golias
Counting Cadence by Alfredo el Bufon


Deck the Halls by Anonymous
Down at the Pennsic by Dagonell the Juggler
Down in the Coalmine Traditional
Do Virgins Taste Better by Farran
The Dragon's Retorte by Claire Stephens McMurray
The Virgin Conniption by The Drunken Damsels
A Dragon's Tale by Andrew McRobb


Eight Days of Hannukah by ???
The Evil Peer Polka by Dagonell the Juggler
A Fairy Story by Unknown
Fiddler's Green by John Connelly
The Fighting Hamsters of Calontir by Chrystofer Kensor and Andrixos Seljukroctonis
Finnegan's Wake Traditional
For East! by Dagonell Collingwood


Galway Bay by Dr. Arthur Colahan
Galway Bay Parody by Noel Henry's Irish Showband
Good Night, Minstrel Boy by Yaakov HaMizrachi
A Grazing Mace by Anonymous


Hasdrubal's Song by Sir Alric Bowbreaker
Hen Party Song by Sir Alric Bowbreaker
Henry V's Soliloquy by William Shakespeare
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen Traditional
I'm a Hael Fighter by Dagonell the Juggler
The Irish Rover Traditional
Jingle Bang Jingle (Childe Ballad)
The John Ball Society by Hael of the Broken Mask
John Barleycorn Traditional
Johnny Jump Up Traditional
Lannigan's Ball by George Gavan (1860)
The Liar by Tommy Makum
Lusty Young Smith (Jingle Bang Jingle) (Childe Ballad)


Mairi's Wedding Traditional
Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson
Mallon and Langerrane by Andrew Austin
Mary Mac Traditional
Men of the Picts by Rudyard Kipling & Leslie Fish
Mighty Casey II by Edomund Berhend
A Mother's Lament by Fiona the Prepared
The Minstrel Boy by Thomas Moore (1812)
Minstrel Boy Filk ( Good Night, Minstrel Boy) by Yaakov HaMizrachi
The Minstrel's Curse by ???
The Moose Song by Thomas Payton


Norman the Norman by Svidrir Einarrsson
Ode to Spot by Lt. Commander Data
The Old Dun Cow Traditional
The Old Orange Flute Traditional
The Orange and the Green Traditional
Oor Hamlet by Adam McNaughton


Paint Me Black by Baron Svid and Syr Andreas Hak
Painting Flowers by Dagonell the Juggler
The Parting Glass Traditional
Pastyme with Good Companye by King Henry VIII of England
Pennsic 205 by Lord Andrew MacRobb
Pennsic War by Lord Andrew MacRobb
Pennsic War Drinking Song by Dagonell the Juggler
The Pict Song (Men of the Picts)
The Pirate's Alphabet by Unknown
Port of Call by Kieran Halpin
The Pub with No Beer Australian Traditional
The Queen of All Argyll by Andy Stewart


Rambling Rover by Andy Stewart
The Raven's End by Edgar Allen Poe's cat
Red Rose Cafe by Cartner and Black
Rhydderich Hael Girls by Svid
Rhydderich Hael Recruitment by Dagonell the Juggler
The Rialto Alphabet by Eric the Fruitbat
The Richest Man on Earth by Andrew Austin
Ricketty Ticketty Peers by Dagonell the Juggler
Rising of the Moon Traditional


A Sad Ballade by Esperanzi Halevi
The Saxon and the Norman by Andrew Austin
Scarborogh Fair Traditional
The Scolding Wife by Great Big Sea
Scotland the Brave Traditional
The Scotsman by Mike Cross
Seven Nights Drunk Traditional
Seventy-Six Shields by Dagonell the Juggler
Silent Knight by Lord Andrew MacRobb
The Soliloquy of Henry V by William Shakespeare
Song for Ireland by Phil Colclough
The Sonnet of William the Marshall by Dagonell Collingwood
Sour Venison by Dagonell the Juggler
Spearmaid's Lament by Arianna of Wynthrope
Star of the County Down Traditional
Such a Parcel of Rogues by Robert Burns


Tablespoons by Robert McNally
Tell My Ma by Family Rankin
Thank God for the S.C.A. by Dagonell the Juggler
Three-Minute Hamlet (Oor Hamlet)
Three Ravens (Traditional, 1611)
Twa Recruiting Sargeants
Under the Shield Wall by Chrystofer Kensor and Andrixos Seljukroctonis
Unholy Trinity by Robert Service
The Unknown Stuntman TV's "The Fall Guy" theme
The Unknown Swordsman by Dagonell the Juggler


Waltzing with Bears by Dr. Seuss
Warrior's Lament by Dagonell Collingwood
The Wearin' of the Green Traditional
We'll Blame It On John the Pell ( Autocrat's Solution)
We're Going to Fight at Pennsic War ( For East!)
What Do You Do With a Drunken Fighter? by Dagonell the Juggler
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Traditional
Where are you, Sir Knight? by Dagonell the Juggler
Whiskey in the Jar Traditional
The Wild Rover Traditional
William the Marshall (Sonnet)
Won't You Be SCAdian? by Dagonell the Juggler
Worms of the Earth by Volodomir Kambionets, OL, KSCA


Y.A.M.S.(Yet Another "Mom" Song) by Dagonell the Juggler
The Yew Tree by Battlefield Band
Your Group's Name Here by Yaakov HaMizrachi

I have more songs which will be added to the notebook in my COPIOUS spare time. If you're looking for a particular song, drop me a line. If I have it, I'll bump it to the front of the queue.

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