I'm in the S.C.A. and the S.C.A. and the S.C.A. and ...
by Lord Dagonell Collingwood

While doing research in the library, I found The Acronyms, Initialisms and Abbreviations Dictionary on the reference shelf. I was curious as to whether the SCA was listed, so I looked it up. The SCA was listed, 47 times! I thought people might be interested in the list as a curiosity.

SCA -- SAAB Clubs of America
SCA -- Saluki Club of America
SCA -- Samoyed Club of America
SCA -- Satellite Committee Agency [Army]
SCA -- Satellite Communications Agency [Army]
SCA -- Save the Children Alliance [Denmark]
SCA -- Schipperke Club of America
SCA -- Science Clubs of America
SCA -- Scottish Courts Administration [Scotland]
SCA -- Screen Composers of America
SCA -- Sea Cadet Association
SCA -- Sebright Club of America
SCA -- Senior Citizens of America
SCA -- Service Cinematographique des Armees [France]
SCA -- Service and Compliance Administration [U.S. govt]
SCA -- Service Cryptologic Agency [Army]
SCA -- Servo Corporation of America
SCA -- Shields Class Association
SCA -- Ship Constructive Association [Britain]
SCA -- Shipbuilders Council of America
SCA -- Shipping Control Authority
SCA -- Shooters Club of America
SCA -- Ski Council of America
SCA -- Smoke Control Association
SCA -- Societe Canadienne des Anesthesistes [Canada]
SCA -- Societe Canadienne d'Astronomie [Canada]
SCA -- Society of Canadian Artists [Canada]
SCA -- Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists
SCA -- Society for Commericial Archaeology
SCA -- Society for Coptic Archaeology
SCA -- Society for Creative Anachronism
SCA -- Society for Cultural Anthropology
SCA -- Soldiers Christian Association
SCA -- South Central Air [Kenya Airline]
SCA -- Southern Cotton Association
SCA -- Soybean Council of America
SCA -- Speech Communication Association
SCA -- Speed Coaches Association
SCA -- Stevengraph Collectors' Association
SCA -- Stock Company Association
SCA -- Student Conservation Association
SCA -- Support Centers of America
SCA -- Swedish Council of America
SCA -- Switzerland Cheese Association
SCA -- Sydney College of the Arts [Australia]
SCA -- Sydney Cricket Association [Australia]
SCA -- Synagogue Council of America

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