An Illuminating Hint
by Lord Dagonell Collingwood

I've noticed that some illuminators are having difficulty with the badges for AEthelmearc's Golden Alce and Sycamore awards. The problem seem to be remembering which half of the emblazon is red and which half is gold. I'd like to share the mnemonic I've been using to keep them straight.

The martial award is blazoned "A stag's head cabossed per pale Or and gules." The award name is the "GOLDen alce". Both the name and the badge are gold on the left. (And remember it's gold, our warriors are never yellow!)

The arts award is blazoned "Three sycamore leaves conjoined in pall per pale gules and Or." The award name is the "sycamORe". Both the name and the badge are "Or" on the right. "Or" is the heraldic term for the tincture gold.

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